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  1. Joeunc

    yep, this one never gets old and you see so many on Wrx with this improper turn and it makes it nearly impossible to get back to the ball properly

  2. Bill bryant

    Even after its been identified a hard issue to correct. Something I have to work on every practice session. And yes my BS NEEDS TO BE shorter

  3. steve

    You’ve got something very profound here: “The answer is very individual.”

    Yesterday, I looked at Webb Simpson’s swing on Youtube, and I realized that he isn’t using his body the same way MOST modern pro golfers (men & women) are.

    To figure out what he’s doing, I’d have to start from scratch, and it would probably take a long time…and with Bubba, Daly, Floyd, Nancy Lopez, maybe Couples, Furyk, etc. And all of these people were/are great golfers.

    And, even if they WERE using their body the same way, they might not think about it the same way, and it might not look quite the same.

    (But, most pros appear to be doing basically the same thing.)

  4. erudd0h

    Of course Monte’s right, look at that poor bastard, overturning and leaning toward the target at the top. Good thing I don’t do that! Lemme fire up the ol’ V1 and show you my swing at the top…wait a second…it can’t be…I AM that poor bastard!

  5. jaybee

    I love the picture of Adam Scott at the very beginning. When I try to emulate t/his top of the BS position, I get that ‘show the biceps’ feeling this chap talks about. I think it could be the key move to restrict an overly long, unsynchronized, overtilted BS.


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