The Perfect Backswing




  1. Andreas

    Magic, great advice.
    You’re so right, everyone is striving for the one piece takeaway that the teaching fraternity has been harping on about for years. Maybe they’ll keep telling everyone to do it so they’ll keep clients coming back time and time again?

  2. Chris

    You make the hardest things so simple to understand. I have to hit you up on swingfix for a full diagnosis. . I definitely suffer getting the first two moves wrong. I would think getting very flat in the backswing then getting stuck too far behind starts with the wrist but I would also think I over rotate the arms some. This is a good drill for me but I can’t seem to put it together from the start of a full swing just goes right back to minimal wrist c

    • Chris

      Cock. Any suggestions to go from doing the drill into the full swing. Or is just repetition repeatition. Thanks

  3. Paul

    I think you should from now on, only dispense instruction in haiku form.

    Here’s my backswing haiku:

    Wrists up, arms rotate
    Ninety degree shoulder turn
    Path carries the face

    • gwlee7

      I appreciate that your haiku follows the proper syllabic order. While Monte’s is good, he has his syllables out of order. On the other hand, he probably hits the ball farther than you. 🙂

  4. allen lane

    Thanks Monte – all we need now is steps to a correct downswing and we’re away.

  5. Jason

    A timely video for me. Great advice.

    Feel free to use my swing as an example.

    This my son James, he is 14.

    This is James’ brother, Bradley he is 12

    Monte, can you confirm that we have these backswing issues?

  6. Adam

    For the last year I have been feeling as though there was a severe mechanical move missing in my swing. After watching your video I got it…I was missing move number two. I have been trying to roll my wrists to get it on plane but it wouldn’t last. I went to the range and had great confidence after about twenty balls. Thanks Monte.! This video is up there with PARBF.

  7. Pete

    Cheers Monte,

    I’d like to know the reason some teachers require the clubhead pointing to zenith, when parallel in the back swing, yet these two pretty decent former tour players have it parallel to the spine angle?


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