The reason I was so mad yesterday…

…and I believe EVERY one of you will identify. I have been preparing my game for these two qualifiers for a while. Trying to peak, so to speak. My feel ever since the PAT has been getting better and better and I have been trying to dial it in little by little.

All weekend my feel was fantastic. I was hitting the ball just the way I wanted. I played 9 with a student Sunday afternoon and was solid, but more importantly, I felt solid and swing crack free.

I played 5 more holes after he left and I had some of the best feels and fine ball striking I have had in years.

Now to yesterday. The course was about 50 miles away and in that direction on a weekday there is never much traffic. Just in case, I left very early. What should be a 45 minute drive, I left 2 hours and 15 minutes before my time. I only like 40-45 before my time to hit balls, putts, chips and go to the tee. I don’t like dilly dally.

After sitting in traffic for 2 hours, I barely got there in time to trek out to the 10th tee (there were carts shuttling players). Couple that with it taking 2:15 to play the first 7 holes, I never got loose or got in any rhythm and I completely lost feel, as my body wouldn’t turn.

I spent 18 holes yanking the handle and trying to time a flip at impact.

For the cynics, I am not trying to use this as an excuse for my bad round. BFD, I played awful. I am angry that I lost the great feel I had and ingrained bad habits again for 18 holes that I have spent months getting rid of.

Back to the range to search for feel.




  1. wally

    I you had a motel next to the golf course, you would have had more time, and no traffic stress. Preperatiuon in not only on the course

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Couldn’t do it. Wife was out of town and cam home late. Had to watch the kids and pick her up at airport.

  2. Peter B

    He can handle stress I think he even likes it. He just could not let it flow unconsciously. That’s what those damn gurus took away from him. He has to loose control to get it back. Rotella stuff.

  3. Calvin

    Yeah, when you posted “stuck in traffic” I said uh-oh.
    You can’t prepare for that and it sets a mood. Maybe
    you could have overcome it but how? You didn’t have time
    for relaxation techniques. So what is the answer for the
    next time that happens?

    I’m proud of you for toughing through it. Golf is hell.

  4. Peter B

    Had the same thought when reading that and he was not handling the short game like throwing a bottle of water to a buddy. You don’t think about the technique throwing that bottle still you hit his hands exactly. That is what he was able to do before Pelz and other “gurus” brought his mind from the hole to his feet.

  5. projectscratch

    Sorry Monte – but it sounds like everything just conspired against you: traffic, losing your swing, etc. And look at the bright side, you shot a 75 – not an 85. Plus you have another opportunity very soon to redeem yourself. Sounds to me like your game is rounding back into form so I wouldn’t be surprised if you shoot 65 next time.

    I would just forget about this round and get back to working on the things you know we’re working well on the range and in casual rounds. We are all rooting for you!

  6. Jason

    Rory shot 80 last year final day of the Masters so……………
    I agree with everyone regarding being stuck in traffic. It was over before it began. Don’t worry, that’s water under the bridge now. Get that feel back and learn from this experience.


  7. Mike Richardson

    Hi Monte

    if you shot 75 with handle dragging and flipping, imagine what you’ll shoot when you bring your proper swing to the course.

    If you bring your good long game, it’ll help your short game.


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