The Masters

For those of you who thought I should have stayed in a hotel and avoided the traffic issue…Logistics forced me to be home Sunday night.

We will now know if Tiger is really back. I was critical of the Foley swing when they first started, but they either changed priorities, or changed directions all together.

This is his best chance for him to win a major. I don’t think he is ready for a US Open or a British not at St. Andrews.

For those asking who I think will win, Augusta is so much about luck…and I don’t mean getting lucky.

Is this the week where you are making all of your 4-6 footers? Sometimes they aren’t falling, it doesn’t matter who you are. Sometimes making the six footers doesn’t line up with adequate enough ball striking. That is how you win The Masters, because you have so many of them.

I will have thoughts during the tournament as I am able to watch.

I may not post my recap till Tuesday or even Wednesday, as I will be playing a practice round and tournament Sunday and Monday.

There may also be a new video thrown in for you guys to try in between watching golf.




  1. The Original Brian

    I hope you’ll be watching in between practice sessions because I’m expecting to see you in the field next week.

    I had a few questions which probably won’t be too hard to answer but they’re been bothering me so it would be great to hear what you have to say.

    1) Since increasing my tilt to a more adequate level, I’m not able to flight my irons as well as I used to. Is there a feeling you suggest to get shaft angle at impact back to where it was?

    2) Should my tilt increase, even on something like a 30 yard pitch shot?

    Thanks as always!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      1) There is an adjustment period. You will learn to do it again.

      2) The amount of tilt is dictated by length of club and ball position. On a 30 yard shot there would be very little, if any.

  2. Mike Z

    Another advantage for Tiger at the Masters relative to the other majors is that experience plays such a big role there. You really have to innately know the course and its nuances to have a chance. Tiger and Phil have played in about as many Masters Tournaments as anyone in the field, and is reflected in their strong performances in the past decade.

    As an illustration:

    Jason Day (1), Bill Haas (2), Ricky Fowler (1), Hunter Mahan (5), Martin Kaymer (4), Rory McIlroy (3), Nick Watney (4), Bubba Watson (3) , Keegan Bradley (0), Webb Simpson (0), and Kyle Stanley (0) have combined to play in just 23 Masters tournaments between the 11 of them entering this week.

    By contrast, Tiger (17) and Phil (19) combine for 36 appearances.

  3. David

    By the way Monte the Open is at Lytham this year…

    Interesting to hear the slide on Foley. The guy’s cleverer than people think, possibly misled by some of the pretentious crap he spouts. Although all of his people use the “centred” idea, none of them look like one another. I reckon he just picks and chooses “pieces” of the centred model to suit the individual. Very pragmatic. Let’s face it, anyone who can get Tiger to the top of the driving stats has to have a lot going for him !

    • Robert Johansson

      He is smart and highly intelligent.
      He loans stuff from a lot of sources.
      His man skill is to make sure people he train get the confidence to go out there and win.

      Did read up on him, and basically he does things similar to what I do.
      He aint got the tools I got but he does well with what he have.

  4. Mike H

    The biggest learning for me from Hank’s book is that Tiger sometimes attempts to coach himself. Maybe in the beginning with Foley Tiger was wanting to do his own thing, after it clearly didn’t work he may now be listening to Foley and thus the seemingly large change in direction. Just a theory though.


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