Yes, 75. It was so bad I can’t describe.

Crooked and short off the tee. Bad iron shots, looked like a lower simian sexually assaulting a gridiron pigskin when I chipped…and putting was the worst part of my game.

It was embarrassing.




  1. Robert Johansson

    at least you tried.
    get some Viagra and go at it again.

  2. Calvin

    Some days the clubs turn into boa constrictors.

    It’s just golf.

  3. Jason

    Stay positive, remember you said this “Hand wringing aside, I need to try and shoot 62 and if I shoot 78, BFD.”

    You have another opportunity. It will show true character when you bounce back from this next time. I have no doubt being stressed on the Freeway had a lot to do with how your game went, almost like it was over before it began. Did you get a proper warm up?

    Keep your chin up Monte.


  4. Calvin

    Hoping you analyze it shot by shot.

    Probably not nearly as bad as you think.

  5. Dave

    Are you making swings or playing golf Tin Cup? When you make it to the Open I have first dibs on being your caddie!! Where is the qualifier next week?

  6. bref

    You’ve got to stop by being embarrassed by bad scores. Being embarrassed by bad scores leads to trying not to shoot bad scores instead of trying to shoot low scores.

  7. Jared Deskins

    I have never ever played well if I was stressed and/or late to the course. I really get stressed if I’m late to anything.

  8. Bob

    Next week.

  9. Wally

    Maybe next time you play in a tournament you should stay in motel near the golf course the night before. This way your mind will be clear the day you play and not filled with transient thoughts about the asshole who cut you off in traffic

    • The Original Brian

      very good idea!

  10. Kernel

    Grab a hotel next to the course next time. Relax man seems like the distractions of the outside world got you. I remember reading you were really ramping up for the next tournament so now you can be 100% focused.


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