The perfect backswing…

…is individual and universal at the same time.

At the top of the swing, you want the armswing to match the shoulder turn…it just happens to be easier to do that if they are in sync the whole back swing.

There are many combinations that work and don’t work.

If the arms lift too much off the ball, they are steeper than the shoulder turn and will need to drop a lot in transition. Jim Furyk.

If the arms are too low off the ball, they have to lift late in the backswing. Ray Floyd.

I listed two extremes that make that work.

Many beginners have the early arm lift and come back down on that same steep plane as they haven’t learned to sync upper and lower body coordination. They are told low and slow and end up as…

Most golfers that are mid to high handicappers have armswings that are flatter than the shoulder turn off the ball and that forces them to reroute the arms over the top and don’t shift to the front side well to avoid that.

A basic principle that is not covered enough, if at all, in modern golf instruction, is learning to match armswing and shoulder turn in backswing.

The golf swing can be as simple as…

Match arm and shoulder swings, bump, dump and turn.




  1. David

    By matching armswing and shoulder turn, do you mean if you were to draw a circle around the spine at shoulder level, the left arm and club would be on that line at the top of the backswing?

      • Mike Divot

        Pretty lines. Such pretty lines.

        Mongo like lines.

      • woody

        There’s probably a correlation between how many lines are in your head and how bad your golf swing is.

      • David

        I approve of your theory. I have lots of lines in my head and my swing is pretty bad.

        Thanks for clearing that up.


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