On high hands and deep hands…

Not that the following is not Important in general, or mutually exclusive to anything else in the swing…but these combos are IMPERATIVE.

If you have high hands, you must be patient in the transition with a lateral lower body motion, before a massive turn, in order to give the arms and hands TIME to link up properly.

If you have deep hands you must have a full and free hip turn to give your arms and hands ROOM to link up properly.




  1. Ed

    I’m trying to get my hands higher but do I actively try to get my right elbow down to my side by dropping the hands during transition or is there another feeling that I should have.

  2. bobs34


    My thoughts FWIW on 2 things just for the sake of discussion as no matter what the answer is (if any) I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing 😉

    I wonder if they key here is simply finding out from you, the instructor; Something like, “Hey your bump & turn is fine but you don’t have enough dump. Focus on dumping even as the first thing in the sequence and the bump and turn may happen correctly in sequence naturally. Obvioulsy, there’s more to it but if you can just get the sequence right, you’re 95% there…?

    I’m also thinking that as you mentioned in an earlier thread, even though Hardy advocated that the 1PS is easier to time, that’s probably pretty much wrong for most people (The path is only square to the target for a very short period of time if ever or to get the path sqaurer longer, you have to come in way too steep) and at least for me, much harder on the body. Takes way too much effort to generate any clubhead speed.

  3. woody

    Let’s have some fun with it, recognizing that it all takes place in .3 seconds.

    Bumping actually causes some dumping, as well as turning. At the top of the backswing you aren’t set to dump & turn with authority until the so-called bumping has moved you around to where you can accelerate.

    (Don’t take my word for it. Hogan said that his hands got a free dump with the bumping. Or, somebody could show me a video of a skillful golfer who bumped, but held off the dumping.)

    Moving along, the turning is actually hooked-up with accelerating the dumping–but if you’re coordinated like Hogan, you just might notice it later and not recognize the connection.

    Without the turning, I don’t think there could be much acceleration of the dumping.


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