The Masters-recap

(I decided not to play in the Nationwide Qualifier today. Been practicing too much and not playing enough golf. Might have been able to qualify on a course that had no rough or slick greens, but would have been unprepared to make the cut.)

Charl Schwartzel. Only one word needed. Awesome.

I feel sorry for Rory McIlroy. I talked about only a complete meltdown would keep him from winning. Well…

Is there anyone out there that still wants to question that I know what I am talking about with Tiger’s game? I literally predicted EXACTLY what he would do all 4 days. Add to that 2 years of predicting how he wouldn’t win any majors and why.

Say what you will about my other predictions, but anyone who still questions my analysis of Tiger either hasn’t been paying attention or is in denial. I guess you can point to saying I didn’t think he would be a factor on the back 9 as being wrong, but I called every stage of his tournament on the dot.

He needs to forget perfecting a swing or listening to someone’s idea of how his swing should work and do nothing but work on chipping and putting, which is what made him great. He will not win any majors until he readopts this philosophy.

He basically played two good 9’s and the other 54 holes were pedestrian to awful. The good golf he played was when he started manufacturing whatever he could. That is his game.

I have one simple swing thought for Tiger…

Tiger, if you are going to pull off the ball just before impact to make room for you to hit it, why not just do it to start the downswing and you will release it better and be able to use your athleticism and talent to send the ball where you want to…hit a small bucket each day to find a rhythm, then go to the short game area the rest of the day.




  1. rojoass

    Right on Monte. I think we are on close to the same page about tiger. He played well Sundays frony 9 cause he was playing & not listening to Foleys whispers.
    He got off of the swing crack for 9 holes.

    I’ll make one other point. Just my opinion but the reason we may never see a 20 something from America win a major anytime soon is because they have fallen victim to swing coaches, mental coaches,media coaches,college coaches & on top of all that modern instruction. Therefore they fall into the category of being to closely associated with Swing Crack.

    How come we don’t have “how to play coaches” ? There’s $$$ for ya.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Exactly. I have written about exactly that in the past.

      I was on swing crack, as you put it. Still trying to kick it.

  2. Bob34

    Tiger was throwing darts on the front 9 and making easy birdy putts. But, he knew he wasn’t putting good enough to make anything outside of 10′ so he put way too much pressure on himself. T to green, Tiger was good enough to win it yesterday. That 278 yard 2nd shot on number 8 was freakin incredible. So yeah, it’s time for him to get off the swing crack, forget about perfecting his swing and get his short game back, especially the putter which’ll take some pressure off the rest of his game.

    Watching Rory on the back 9 was like watching Ole Yeller. Man that was sad.

  3. meateater

    I don’t want to disagree with you Monte, because I think you’ve had this Tiget thing nailed from early on. However, I thought his swing looked pretty darn good most of the time. He wasn’t dipping on the downswing anything like before, and he was under control, at least most of the time, not swinging out of his shoes like before. If he makes a couple of putts Saturday and Sunday, like the eagle on 15, he wins going away. Seriously, he must have missed a dozen makeable putts over the weekend. The hole must look the size of a shotglass to him now.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      A swing that looks good and one that feels good are often two different things.

      A swing that feels good and one that works under pressure are often the same thing.

      A swing that feels bad is a swing that makes you chip and putt bad.

      • Mike

        And a swing which works only if you feel really good – usually sucks, take that into your equeation monte..

        Look at rory and how much it was falling apart. one issue is coming in as fearless as a young boy as rory is and hit about everything close with the driver hanging on your dig (kids are that way at times), the other issue is to have basic mechanics that can withstand pressure..

        ps. rory’s swing sucks as it is very bad on his body.

  4. rojoass

    OK “if” tiger had made this putt or that putt” he would have won going away.

    The parking lot was full of guys that “if they had made this putt or that putt”…….they would have won going away…..

    remember………”IF”……if a crow had a harmonica up his butt there would be music in the air

    • Monte Scheinblum

      If I had not gone to any gurus, I would have been playing last weekend, people would be criticizing my boorish behavior and you guys wouldn’t be enjoying all of my info on the golf swing and rants. 😀

    • meateater

      No, the parking lot wasn’t full of guys who would have won if they had made a couple of putts. The guy who did win made everything he saw the last four holes. The thing is, Tiger didn’t hit any really awful shots, plus he hit a lot of very good shots. He drove the ball pretty darn well. He hit a bad approach at 13, but with a good chip he makes birdie. The three putt on 12 was brutal.

      Tiger didn’t lose because he hit the ball all over the place. He lost because he had a half dozen straightforward putts on Saturday and Sunday both that didn’t fall. Look, maybe he doesn’t trust his swing, maybe he is uncomfortable with it. So what, he kept his ball in play in a pressure-cooker round that ground up several other guys.

      • rojoass

        OK meat………..don’t take it too literal. Maybe it wasn’t full. Dang near. With 9 holes to play there were 8 to 10 guys still playing that could have won. Except for Rory.
        If you take all 4 rounds I can & will still say IF there were more putts made by lots of those guys one of them coulda won.
        As for the last few pairings there was Cabrera, Choi ,Scott , Day , Van Pelt , Ogilvy , Donald………
        Depends on the size of the parking lot.

  5. Calvin D

    What stands out to me about Tiger is that he looks miserable all of the time even when he smiles. Golf is supposed to be fun even at that level. I think he is in danger of turning into one of those coulda/shoulda guys because he’ll soon start to see Nicklaus slipping away out of his reach.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      AWESOME. That is what I see and that is what the “He’s back” people are missing.

      I keep trying to tell everyone it’s not what the swing looks like, or a small sample of fantastic results…it’s about being miserable because your feel is so far off and it takes the fun out of playing. I have experienced this and I see it plain as day in his body language.

  6. kelly


    Concerning what he is most unhappy about…

    Do you think his change in his motion/release for his short game and putting to match his full swing a mistake?

    If the short game is all about touch/feel wouldn’t he be better off sticking with his natural instinctive motion/release and let his natural feel control his short game instead of relying on a mechanical motion?

    • Bob34

      Kelly, I know this isn’t what you’re getting at but nobody talks about this anymore; I think Tiger’s unhappiness is with his life in general. I know that if I lost my wife and kids because I was an idiot, I’d still be devastated. He’s blaming it on trying to change his swing and there’s definitely some truth to that but IMHO it’s mostly just a facade to cover his personal life. He ‘won’t be back’ in golf until he either gets back with Elin or gets totally over her. Who knows how long that’ll take if ever either way.

  7. carrera

    Was the Nationwide qualifier for the tourney up here in the Bay Area? There were some guys at one of the qualifying courses yesterday practicing and getting a look at the place.


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