Masters Day 3

So far it looks like I have been mostly right. I thought McIlroy might not be ready, but also said if he kept playing like he was, no one would catch him….DUH!!!

Cabrera is now a factor, one for me. Tiger had a hot 9 on Friday and shot 74 Saturday…two big ones for me.

Predicting golf is more difficult than predicting the stock market or your wife’s behavior, but I think I have done a really good job predicting how Tiger would play the last 3 years.

Like I said before the tourney started, Tiger will look good tomorrow, come up short and will again be a favorite at the US Open, because everyone will again say he found it.

Those that think Tiger is getting it, or near it, or his bad putting is why he isn’t doing well…just don’t get it.

The shot he hit on 15 on Thursday is all I needed to see to know he is lost. He is awesome, mentally tough and can put a whirly bird move on it and get it going for a while.

I will tell you what to watch for. As soon as you watch Tiger play a round or two where he doesn’t turn away in disgust at mediocre and good shots, that is when you will know he is getting it. Until then, his feel is terrible and the fact he is able to contend at majors shows me how great he really is. In case you are wondering, this bad feel on the full swing infests your short game and putting too.

He is contending in majors where a block way to the right is imminent on every single shot, which also brings the saving flip hook/pull into play as well. I am one of the few who can attest to how incredible it is that he can play as well as he does. I know the feeling and know how difficult it is to play with that nasty feel. He just shot 66-74. I have been doing that (not at courses as hard as Augusta obviously) garbage for many years now. Some days I look like a Tour player, the very next day I look like a 6 handicap. I know what it’s like to stuff an iron shot, look away in disgust and have people ask me, “what was wrong with that?”

The answer is, “next time I won’t be able to save it and that same exact swing will end up right of the right bunker.”

Unless McIlroy has a complete meltdown or someone at 6-8 under goes berserk, we will see the dawn of a possible double digit major winner. Assuming outside issues don’t derail him, I have no qualms about predicting 10-12 majors in the career of someone who doesn’t have a manufactured swing and wins his first at 21.

I really like Cabrera and would love to see him win. I just don’t want it to be at McIlroy’s expense, because I like him too.

A 4 shot lead is not safe on the back 9. It doesn’t take much to shoot 30 or 40…and the line between those two scores is fine on Sunday at the Masters.




  1. Calvin D

    Great job Monte. Your insights were dead on. I however am 0 for everything. One more try: McElroy will drop to 10 under and the gate is open. Bubba shoots a hot final round. Tiger breaks his personal best for yelling F*** during a round.

    Is there a closet somewhere that they let Cabrera out of for majors?

  2. Mike from Canada


    I have to disagree with you yet again. It’s true that Tiger doesn’t have the feel yet, but to say that his putting is not to blame is CRAZY!!! How many putts did he have yesterday? I couldn’t believe the putting performance I was watching. I honestly think I can putt better than that.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not quite what I meant. I said the bad feel is infesting his putting as well. What I meant was, he isn’t going to magically start putting well again and the old Tiger is back. He won’t play well again or win a major until that nasty stuck feel is gone.

  3. banner12

    “Like I said before the tourney started, Tiger will look good tomorrow, come up short and will again be a favorite at the US Open, because everyone will again say he found it.”


  4. Calvin D

    Wait. What? Charl Schwartzel?

  5. falcon50drvr

    You were right, Tiger was a non-factor on the Back 9 Sunday and McIlroy couldn’t possibly be de-railed without someone shooting 65:) If you could predict who was going to win today, you should go ahead and buy a bunch of lottery tickets. Charl was impressive, had barely heard of him, but now most everyone in golf knows who he is.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Some of the worst reading comprehension I have ever seen.

  6. Peter B

    quoting myself from yesterday:

    Rory will not be Masters Champion this year for sure. Not long ago he could not hole a put from 1m distance under pressure. Took him ages to win his first European Tour having 2 shot leads on the second nine of the last day. Not yet…

    *cough* As I said, I saw that boys dark shadow before and there it was again.


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