Masters Day 2

All I have to say about that pin on 16 is…ROFLMAOPMP.

Someone tell Steve Williams that no shirt or a wife beater under the coveralls is a faux pas.

Freddy Couples just goes to show you have to have a perfect swing to play well as you get older…wait, his swing is all over the place, natural and he has perfect rhythm and balance…maybe that should be the point 😀

How about the threesome of McIlroy, Fowler and Day? I think I am older than the three of them put together.

Phil had the ‘Phil round” and got away with it, but is he too far back?

From hole #8 on Tiger had the “hot 9” I mused about before the tournament. I reiterate I believe he will struggle Saturday. This sounds like a thesis driven argument, but he was two fortunate breaks away from the cut being an issue for him. If that ball bounces left instead of right on 8 and he always seems to get an open shot when he drives it 50 yards off line…ie on 11.

I do believe he was trying to hit more “shots” yesterday and not thinking about swing so much and that is why he shot lower, but if his feel turns, so will that.

For those that think I am anti-Tiger…I am pro Tiger for the game of golf…I’m just anti-Tiger attitude.

McIlroy looks solid and if he continues this play, no one will catch him.

I don’t believe Day will be a factor on the back 9 Sunday.

I don’t believe Couples will be a factor on the back 9 Sunday.

I don’t believe Tiger will be a factor the back 9 Sunday.

Phil will have to shoot around 66 or 67 Saturday to be a factor on the back 9 Sunday.

I believe one or more of Mickelson, Cabrera and Westwood will be a factor on the back 9 Sunday.




  1. Doug B

    That shot Tiger hit to the green on 18 was a thing of beauty. I keep rooting for the guy because, at his best, his game was like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s nice when athletes can be good guys as well as great performers, but unfortunately that combination sometimes seems elusive. I know that the general public knows nothing about any of these guys’ true personalities, so it’s probably pointless for us to pass judgment one way or the other, but it’s easy to react negatively to cursing and pain-in-the-ass body language. I really wish Tiger would get a better grip on that.

    Monte, of the really to notch golfers you have met, who has impressed you personally with the way they conduct themselves?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Doug, you are going to laugh, but Vijay Singh. He is one of the few top guys who talks to and gives advice to rookies. most of the other guys are standoffish to them.

      When I hit balls with Vijay once, he was very complimentary and encouraging to me.

  2. Wally

    Don’t be so hard on Tiger in his personal life, if it wasn’t for “BUSINESSMEN” drug dealers and pimps would go broke

  3. Mike from Canada

    I seriously couldn’t care less about Tiger’s personal life and I don’t think his on course behaviour is that bad. Sure there is the occasional swear (which is beeped by TV) and he slams his club out of frustration…. but who hasn’t done those things?

    If you’re worried about your children seeing that and repeating it because Tiger is a “role model”, maybe you should be a better parent and role model for your kid. It is mind boggling how often the “role model” phrase is put out there. Do parents seriously want any celebrity to be a role model for their kids?

    This isn’t directed at anyone here… I’m referring to the peverbial “you”.

  4. Calvin D

    Moving day. 🙂
    Tiger is right where he would like to be in a major. I guess we’ll see how real his “mentally the toughest” reputation is because there will be immense pressure from within and without. Great drama.

    Sergio will be a factor on the back nine Sunday. Phil too.

  5. Calvin D

    Something I never tire of: Phil’s 2 inch vertical leap.

    That’s just hysterical. May he leap continuously on Sunday!

  6. Peter B

    Rory will not be Masters Champion this year for sure. Not long ago he could not hole a put from 1m distance under pressure. Took him ages to win his first European Tour having 2 shot leads on the second nine of the last day. Not yet…


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