That was the sound that came to mind when Tiger slammed his club on 11 tee.

I don’t care what anyone says about leverage and tilt and the term stuck being meaningless. When your head drops in the back swing and your head drops more in the downswing and you pull off the ball and you generate a lot of club head speed and you don’t release the club because you have no room to…you are going to hit drives way right when the shot makes you a little nervous.

All of the swing experts who say being stuck is a misnomer and losing your level isn’t a problem, have never generated 120+ mph of club speed and don’t know what it feels like.

I understand Tiger’s frustration and that same ugly feel that produced the block on 11 on Friday, is the same disgusting feel that he had on 15 on Thursday when he almost holed it.

It’s not about the shot, it’s about the feel that makes you sick because you know bad shots are imminent.




  1. Mike from Canada

    It’s funny to think that Tiger makes fun of Charles Barkley but suffers the same type of swing flaw. Charles keeps dipping really low with his head and gets so stuck he can’t swing. Tiger dips and gets stuck too. Not Butch, Harmon or Foley have been able to cure this and I doubt anyone will.

  2. Wally

    Not to be silly, but, do the caddies make sure these guys have new Cleats every day? After all, the swing does start from the ground up!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That’s a good question. I am guessing the caddies remind them to check and see if they are in good order.


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