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  1. Mike from Canada

    You know what really bothers me when watching the telecasts… the fans yelling stupid shit!! If I was a PGA tour player I would have a tough time not hitting the idiots yelling “Get in the hole!!”.

    Did anyone catch the one fan yesterday when Johnny Vegas hit a good drive… “Be good Johnny!!… JOHNNY BE GOOD!!”… He probaby thought of that one back in January… Leave the standup to the comics jackass!!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Mike, we have disagreed on a few things, but we agree 100% on this one.

  2. Mike from Canada

    Is Rory McIlroy the new “Tiger” of this generation?

    Speaking of Tiger…. I may start agreeing with your point of view on him. If he goes this year without winning I hope he goes back to Butch.

      • Michael

        Tiger specifically said he wouldn’t go back to him. He physically can’t swing like that anymore and doesn’t want to, that swing hurt too much.

  3. Andrew from Addis

    Is Rory the new tigger or perhaps is Vegas the place to be for the next big bet.

    Being euro I really hope it is Rory but have my doubts.

    Andrew from Addis


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