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Here is a comment by a reader and my response. EDITED BELOW


Posted by Calvin D on April 11, 2011 at 8:53 am edit

What stands out to me about Tiger is that he looks miserable all of the time even when he smiles. Golf is supposed to be fun even at that level. I think he is in danger of turning into one of those coulda/shoulda guys because he’ll soon start to see Nicklaus slipping away out of his reach.



Posted by Monte Scheinblum on April 11, 2011 at 8:58 am edit

AWESOME. That is what I see and that is what the “He’s back” people are missing.

I keep trying to tell everyone it’s not what the swing looks like, or a small sample of fantastic results…it’s about being miserable because your feel is so far off and it takes the fun out of playing. I have experienced this and I see it plain as day in his body language.



An example of the “Don’t get its”

I saw someone post somewhere that Tiger was back because all of his positions were perfect.

ROFLMAO!!!!!! Really, is that all there is to golf, hitting perfect positions. Guess what? That is what is wrong with golf and what is wrong with Tiger. “Perfect positions” is an arbitrary term, not the same for everyone and the pursuit of such kills feel. I am the poster child for that ruining your game and it seems Tiger is unwittingly looking to replace me.




  1. Gunnar

    I had a similar thought – especially on Friday, whenever Tiger was caught by the camera I wondered if anybody could hug this poor man.

    Recently somebody told me that he thinks that psychosomatic plays a role in golf, too. That means that you first should visit a psychotherapist and then play a round of golf 😀

  2. banner12

    Tiger, the greatest ‘feel’ player in history is worried about perfect positions. If he had stayed with Butch, who shortened and simplified his swing, and who has said all Tiger had to do after 2000 was maintenance, he’d have 25 Majors by now. Tiger claims he had to overhaul his swing to protect his injured left knee…


    No swing change is going to protect your left knee other than flaring out you left foot ala Hogan. Tiger simply had to stop snapping his left knee and a new swing had nothing to help with that. Sometimes I wonder how someone apparently as smart as Tiger could be so stupid.

    As funny as this sounds, Tiger will go down in history as one on the most underachieving great golfers ever.

  3. Texhacker

    Tiger’s main problem is not his golf swing. It’s answering the question, Who am I? Tiger’s life has always been golf and in effect he is a “man child” that never grew up. He doesn’t have the maturity to deal with the loss of his father and the unveiling of his real life in contrast to his controlled public persona. His personal weaknesses have been exposed and he can’t face those losses because he doesn’t really know who he is outside of golf. He is trying to regain some control over his life in the only way he knows how, by working on his swing. It’s tragic really and I hope he can find his answers because if he can’t I don’t think he will ever reach where he was no matter how many changes he does to his swing. As Rojass said , it’s Swing Crack indeed.

  4. meateater

    I have to say, with respect, that I think this is largely nonsense. Tiger always was sour on the course when things weren’t going his way, which admittedly, wasn’t very often. Dropping Butch was probably a big mistake, but we don’t know what went into that decision. He did win a lot with Haney, even if his swing began to look like crap. His biggest mistake, in my view, was listening to all the self-important media and self-appointed image experts and doing his idiotic apology/rehab tour last year. What did it gain him? Sympathy, respect? Not that I can see.

    He should have just said, private matter, not talking about it, and got back out on the golf course.

    The Masters showed us two things about Tiger. One, his swing held up under a lot of pressure, and two, he couldn’t close the deal like he used to. Those two conflicting themes will make the rest of the year very interesting.


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