The shoudlers should never stall

Not on a driver, or a 5 iron, or a pitch, chip or putt. They should always be rotating.

During a long back swing with extra arm swing, the shoulders stall before the transition. BAD! Trying to hold the lag will cause a stall and so will spine angle changes. Bad shoulder turn angles will also force you to stall. I know my shoulders often suffer a stall when I get stuck.

OK, that’s all sorts of hows and techno caca, but what can you do to help this?

The answer is finding a drill/feel that conquers the issue causing your shoulder stall and I have a really good one that will pretty much beat them all.

Hold a shaft cross armed in front of your chest and rotate your shoulders as much as your body will allow. Then drop the club and throw an upper cut to a chin out in front of you with your right hand driving your right shoulder all the way to where your left shoulder was at the top of the back swing.

Many of you throw roundhouse right hooks and even more of you throw right upper cuts to your own chins…LOL. Do both of those and you will say, “holy ****, that’s exactly what I do”

Do it in front of a mirror and you will see what awesome shoulder rotation this drill creates.




  1. Gunnar

    Hi everybody,
    as I`m not a native speaker I have some problems understanding this drill (even with a dictionary). Could anybody please explain the drill in some more words?
    Thank you

    • kbp

      An “upper cut” is when you hit someone with your fist underneath their chin using an upward motion. You have to move your right shoulder down in order to deliver the punch from below. Good.

      A “roundhouse right hook” is when you hit someone with your fist on the side of their head using a horizontal motion from right to left. The right shoulder pushes straght out in front of you rather than down. Not good.

  2. rojoass

    Shall I play devils advocate? (for some of us) What’s the medicine for shoulders rotating too soon out running the lower?

    OK……..hip bump I suppose……..

  3. Bob34


    You have probably seen the the first part of this drill in a thousand places; Hold a club across your chest and make a back swing. This makes sure you turn your body back with your arms. The second part; at the top of the backswing let go of the club, just drop it on the ground. Now pretend that your going to use your right arm to hit someone standing inline with the target in front of the ball. You want to use an uppercut motion more than a roundhouse. Or you can think of swinging more up and down than around but there is also some around motion of your shoulders.


    For me, it’s just the thought of keeping my head behind the ball. I dont think my shoulders cant rotate too early if my head stays behind the ball. My lower body also has to go to allow that. If I let my head get in front of the ball, I can defintely get out of synch. I don’t know what Monte will say about it though…

    • Bob34

      Sorry, I meant to ssay can rotate not cant rotate.

  4. Michael

    Might I reccomend a video to go along with this? Especially with the wrong cliche ways. I think it’d be as helpful as the plane and release by feel video.

    • Bob34

      Good idea. I reread what I wrote and it’s probably not very helpful. Make an uppercut more than a roundhouse but still have some around. What the hell does that mean especially to someone who’s first language isn’t english 🙂

  5. rojoass

    Who’s gonna get today’s award Bob? lmao……..

    • Bob34

      I just looked and I didn’t get it but I deserve to dang it 🙂

      Well, I wasn’t a total DA, the part about keeping your head behind the ball is good stuff.

  6. Gunnar

    bob 34 and kbp, your explanations brought some light into the darkness but I`m not sure whether I got it completely.

    I`m wondering because actually Monte´s post is about turning the shoulders consecutively through impact, isn´t it?
    However, this round-house thing then refers to the plane of the shoulders as the shoulders turn somehow parallel to the ground and not in a 90° angle to the spine anymore, when you do this round-house thing.

    Is Monte´s message that one has just to care for the plane of the shoulder turn and automatically one will not stall anymore but will rotate the shoulders throughout the hole swing?
    And the other way round, when people flaten the plane of their shoulders then their shoulders will stall?

    Oh, I just read an extra detail in Monte`s text, when he says “and even more of you throw right upper cuts to your own chins”.
    So there is not just the plane of the shoulders but futhermore one has to move the chest or the shoulders (or at least something else) into the direction of the target (and not hang back). Is this “upper cuts to your own chins” the same as hanging back?

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Calvin D

    Well, that’s confusing. I’ll wait for clarification.
    No, maybe I’ll throw a few uppercuts.

  8. Bob Saunders

    I vote for a video. How about it Monte? Bust out those cargo shorts!

  9. Andrew

    Tried this today and when it worked it really worked – nice easy swing thought. The bad shots were eitehr too much under with shorter clubs and a high and short shot (perhaps undercut to self) or a little bit of a round hook (OTT).

    Will keep this in the “only swing thought” box of potential tricks.

    Andrew from Addis

  10. Bob Swaycast

    Is the person you´re hitting facing you at address or facing you when you´ve turned thru to the target?

    Is it kosher to imagine hitting with both hands or the upper hand on the grip?

    Hitting uppercuts with the lower hand gives you a flat wrist there and a severely open clubface, almost like Martin Ayers mostpowerfulmove… nothing that a hakker can easily fixx in the downswing…


    • Monte Scheinblum

      When you are turned through to the target.

      It’s a drill to learn proper shoulder turn, not wrist action.


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