Automatically vs. Naturally

You have heard me say the goal is to make movements that your body will do naturally and more efficiently. That is not to be confused with what your body currently does automatically.

In other words, movements that are anatomically more natural than the strange gyrations we invent ourselves and the nasty contortions the golf culture has invented for us to find extra power.

The goal is to work on “forcing” the movements that are more natural for your body to do and make them automatic as well.

As I have said before, it is analogous to someone who walks with a limp and he must retrain his movements to walk properly the way his body will work better.



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  1. Doug B

    Monte – excellent point. Since I have gotten back to playing the game after a long layoff, it has taken me six months to really learn and internalize a natural and proper setup, thanks to help from your videos and an online lesson. For me, remembering a good setup is 75% of the battle. The setup facilitates a simplified and repeatable swing action. I think that the setup is a very overlooked aspect of a lot of modern golf instruction. Maybe it seems too simple, and not as interesting or “scientific” as lag, pressure points, and power accumulators, but it all starts there.


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