The Marquis de Sade

would be proud of Rocco and Jimmy Ballard.


Is this a golf training aid or a marital aid. I know I am a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to these things, but I have just never seen anything but a very few people have success with any of these training aids.

This is not a scientific poll, but after talking to students, reading message boards on the internet and just witnessing results in real life, I would say the average training aid/weighted club has this affect:

Creates some improvement-10%
Has little or no affect-20%
Makes the golfer worse-50%
Makes the golfer worse and causes injury-20%

I would say 90% of the 10% who improve…improve as a result of extra practice with the aid because they were trying to get their money’s worth.

So that leaves 1% who improve because of the device vs. 29% who spent money to stay the same and 70% who get worse and injured.

Honestly, this is the best training aid you can buy…and I am not kidding.




  1. wuz

    Right On Brother,

    The only training aid I ever bought was “Tour Tempo” (about 18 bucks). Found it to be a good step in the right direction. The other stuff, magazines included, are all worth a good laugh. Much too often we all forget that hitting the golf ball is an athletic endeavor. Hitting the golf ball for me is a matter of taking a few practice waggles to rehearse my swing while eyeing the front of the golf ball and thinking about making it go towards my target — then letting it rip. Works better than any other method I’ve tried. When I hit a lousy shot, I know it’s just a lack of athletic ability, and that I’ve tried my best. I know I’m not a tour pro, but I do pat myself on my back for being the most proficient golfer I can be. I’ve done a lot less cussing since I’ve adopted this approach.


  2. Calvin D

    If you feel like you’ve just got to have one of those things just take a piece of rope and make one and get it out of your system.
    It won’t take long.

  3. Mike from Canada

    You can use stats and percentages to prove anything…. 73% of people know that.

  4. will

    Thanks for the tip.
    My daughter 12 cant understand what her wrists are doing at the top and this may help her to get it together.

  5. Wally

    traing aids are kind of like on-line dating, why would any woman want to go out with a man who does not have the balls to make a pass at her

  6. BernardP

    I have always thought training aids were useless gimmicks… And I bought a few myself despite this.

    But last year I found something that really works: the Tourstriker.

    This club forces you to hit the golf ball with a descending motion and lagging clubhead. It changes the concept of the golf swing for the average player who has been trying to scoop the ball up.

    You can watch the infomercial on the web site:

    Here, its inventor explains how he thought about it:

    I am using it and seeing marked improvements in my swing and ball striking.

  7. Pipp

    HAHA, it does look like some sort of sadomasochist apparatus when you first look at it!! Also at a second look. 😀

  8. BernardP

    Laugh all you want Pipp 🙂

    You gotta try it to get the feel of what the club is trying to make you understand.

    The first 20 balls are a a sobering experience. It’s good to try to get alone at the far end of the driving range…


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