“How did you make 16?”

“I made a 4 footer.”

The lesson for Kevin Na…

PLAY FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brent S. should run a seminar on pace of play and all players should be forced to attend..and all ams should be forced to implement his pace of play or have their playing privileges revoked.

Pat Perez was a white belt and a dye job away from being Milk of Magnesia for Halloween.

La Cantera (where they used to play the Texas Open) was voted the worst course on Tour by a wide margin…so they moved it to a TPC. I saw La Cantera…they made a good choice.

I don’t have much to say about this event…

Did anyone want to win this tournament? This is proof that good golf swings don’t mean the best golf. This is what happens when you are on a tough course and no one has really won much before. It’s way more about knowing how to play, than knowing how to swing. a concept I am trying to relearn.

See Thurston Howell III.

I would make fun of Steele for laying up on 18, but he is a PGA Tour winner and I am just a PGA Tour whiner.




  1. Calvin D

    Na: Take an unplayable and get on with it.

    • gwlee7

      He did take an unplayable after he declared the first ball lost and the provisional, and then hit himself with the next shot, had a wiff, and on and on to the 16.

  2. FredL

    He should a played an iron on the second tee shot…of course, hindsight is 20/20. I think he was rattled on the 5th shot. I think there was also a penalty for the ball hitting him when he tried to get out.

  3. aldear

    I was actually there first hand to see this meltdown. My son and I were following Cabrerra, Ogilvy and Scott. Na’s group was right ahead of them. We got up to the 8th tee, and here comes Na back to the tee to hit the second shot. Banged the second drive into the woods, and hit a third on I believe. I remember seeing his caddy digging furiously in his bag to fish out a new sleeve of balls, because he had lost all the loose ones. To Na’s credit he went on to shoot something like 3 under on the back….pretty impressive all things considered. Monte, you’re correct about LaCantera…no beuno por nada. I actually liked the layout of TPC, finally they played a course where there was some SEVERE punishment if you hit it offline as Na found out. It’s a wonder he didn’t have to fight off half a dozen ferrel pigs and a few rattlesnakes back in that cedar scrub. I am not a huge fan of every green having rolled edges and unnatural crazy contours, and TPC has this on every hole it seems. Steele played some really good golf considering that 2 out of 4 days the wind blew up to 30mph….he deserved to win.


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