Buy a small medicine ball

Go to the sporting goods store and get the smallest (ladies in a fancy color…LOL) medicine ball…and around 4-6 pounds and slightly bigger than a softball. Grab it in between your two hands, get in a good balanced golf stance, engage your core muscles and swing it like a golf club.

Use the momentum of the first swing to continue the motion back and forth. I do 50 at a time.

That will also teach you the feel of proper shoulder rotation, forearm rotation and hip/shoulder sequence…and rhythm…and not strain the micro fibers in your hands and wrists that a weighted club will do.

This is a good workout and will help your golf swing without risking injury. Don’t do more weight than you can handle, as a lot of weight is not necessary.




  1. Westy

    I’m going to ask the dumb question of the day. You say “engage your core muscles”, is that just for this exercise or do you do that in the actual golf swing? Also by “engaging your core muscles” I assume you mean contracting your ab muscles. Correct?

  2. business review

    Well we know the hands are involved in the opening and closing of the clubface during your swing. As I mentioned the hands are active in your golf swing but in a passive manner. In order to develop feel in the golf swing remove tension from your golf swing and develop great hands you must develop three fundamentals.


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