The Kinematic Sequence

First off, don’t mistake any of this post for an indictment of this concept not being important to the experts’ understanding of the golf swing.

It is.

Am I an expert in Kinematics? No

Do I understand it enough to teach golf to people at any level and am I continuing to understand more and more?  Absolutely.

The reason I bring this up is I have been criticized for not understanding this concept, as I so often talk about things like the lower body doesn’t lead, everything turns in sync and the importance of things linking up.  On a scientific level, I am wrong on all three counts and I was aware I was technically incorrect when I said and say those things.

Well, therein lies the rub.  There is a vast difference between studying the golf swing at millisecond level and teaching the public how to make their game better.

I find all too many instructors turn a blind eye to innovations in technology and scientific study.  I find an equal number of innovators who turn an equally blind eye to the lack of practical value some of this information has in it’s literal interpretation.

My evidence to support my position…Lag

I rest my case.






  1. Dave Wilfred MacDougall

    Hi Monte,
    Thanks for that. I started golf at a late age 45 and I’m now 60. My teacher has identified that due to a restriction of movement in my right shoulder I cannnot swing the club as taught by the cookie cutter approach. His observation has helped immensely. Your comments about “practical value” and “teaching the public how to make their game better” helps verify his approach.

  2. dtrance

    I really enjoy your pragmatic philosophy and it shows in the delivery of your content. Keep the content coming!

  3. Tom McNamara

    One of the best things you do is explain things in many ways until the student clicks with the information. You could be scientific to the Nth degree, but who would click with that? You explained the golf swing to me utilizing principals of Judo for hips and balance…who else would dig that far to come up with an explanation/comparison? You also manipulated my upper body by changing my left knee movement thus eliminating a thousand thoughts and tweaks for hips, shoulders and arms. It’s your understanding of the golf swing and more importantly your understanding of people that makes you a unique instructor.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I laugh at all the people who micro analyze how movements in the swing differ from other sport.

      Of course they are different at the micro level.

      At the macro level, all sports are the same. Balance and free movement wins. Equating the golf swing to another sport and things people know is the best way for them to understand sequence and feel.

      This response is going to be a post next week.


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