Welcome to my New Site and Blog

I’ve slowly been making the transition to this site over the past months. Starting on March 13th, this will become the new home for all future blog posts from me, and my old blog will forward to this site. All of the posts from my old blog have been migrated here, so those of you bookmarking should update to this address. Please let me know if you run into any bugs or have suggestions for improving your experience here.




  1. gwlee7

    New site looks great Monty!!

  2. SHSGolf

    I think I timed finding this blog perfectly…I just finished reading thru all of his old posts on the old site this week (took a couple weeks). Just as I caught up, brand new site. This one is a lot nicer and easier to navigate.

  3. Dpc

    The new site looks great. It’s quality design reflects the quality of the content within. Tip of the hat to your web team.


    BTW, are selling golf balls with that logo? 🙂

  4. Neil

    Great work, luv the new digs and logo. Classy look.

    +1 on the logo’d balls, and they should be precept lady IQ

  5. JB

    Great new site and I enjoyed the short game video. Do you have any plans to do a video on the full swing?

  6. Michael Lewis

    Following up on JBs question and I too have the short game video… I use to shoot pool at the high amateur/low pro level and one of the big keys to success was a consistent pre-shot routine and simple rules like, “Never think when in the shot address position. Know what you are going to do before you address the ball”.

    I assume it is similar in golf, and I can see it happening in the tourneys on TV, but I’ve never seen any instruction about how to create a consistent address and pre shot routine. How about a video on that?

  7. Peepee

    So Monte who’s gonna win the Masters?


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