1.  The “Wedge Video” follow up to my short game video was filmed today.

2.  Working with my first LPGA player starting tomorrow.  Name not to be disclosed at this time.

3.  I’m getting a Flightscope X2.  Should have it before the month is out.  I had it demo’d for me today.  I’ve used a Trackman several times, but this Flightscope is FANTASTIC.  I can’t wait.




  1. Mark Y

    Awesome new Monte, great to hear. Looking forward to a lesson with your Flightscope.

  2. Chris S

    Flightscope gives me a good excuse to come back out there sooner! I’m looking forward to the wedge video. Congrats on the LPGA player!!

  3. Jake g

    Great news on the wedge video. Can’t wait! Glad to hear you have another tour player. You definitely deserve it!

  4. John

    Congrats on the new distaff client, Monte. The club that I used to belong to had an LPGA event for several years in the late nineties. I really enjoyed watching them play. Juli Inkster, Laura Davies…they could golf their ball, as they say. Many more clients to come I’m sure. Saw Jason Gore had a 4th in PR and wondered if you had something to do with that.

  5. RanchoBob


    Most of what I’ve read (e.g., Tom Wishon at WRX) is that Trackman’s software is superior to Flightscope and the spin readings were more accurate than Flightscope. Has the X2 gotten better since then? Why did you pick the X2 over Trackman?

    Had a buddy fly in to take lessons with you and, as I work in Irvine, I’m running out of excuses not to sign up with you as well.


    • Monte Scheinblum

      Trackman has trouble with divot interference on iron shots.

  6. dtrance

    Congrats on the new client. I’m looking forward to your wedge video.


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