The importance of setup

I freely admit I don’t stress setup enough, or hardly at all in what I write, and it’s for a simple reason.

I take it for granted as it is such a simple thing, we all just assume we do it correctly after playing so much golf.

After working with Frank yesterday and watching him continue to fall back into bad setup places, it dawned on me for the millionth time how lax we all are in making sure our setup is at least decent.

Every time Frank crowds the ball, he doesn’t bend enough at the waist, his hands get too high, his path gets too far to the right and that brings left in play for him.

If he sets up correctly for him, ball doesn’t go left if he tries. If a two time PGA winners can struggle, what does that say about the rest of us?

I will get more in depth into good “semi” universal setup fundamentals in the coming weeks and months, but I will start with this simple one.

You need to setup where if all you did was turn, tilt and turn, your arms would have enough room to rotate around your body and hit the ball.

Another way of saying you need to stick your ass out and your arms need to hang down out of your shoulders.

If you are too close and/or not bent enough at the waist, the arms have no room.

If you are too far or have too much bend at the waist, your arms have to disconnect, you have to hump the goat, or you have to dive at the ball.




  1. BruinMel

    Didn’t you once write that you really can’t have too much bend at the waist? Have you changed your mind on that issue?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I was making a point as almost everyone doesn’t have enough.

      Hyperbole to make the point.

  2. Jason

    I had a lesson recently because I was pulling my irons. I was told I had too muck bend from the waist and that I had to get closer to the ball and stand taller. I felt way crowded. Everything went to the right after that lol. I am working on a happy medium between the 2 with my setup. I am looking forward to your setup video Monte.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I’d have to see you setup and swing, but it is unlikely that was correct on either count.

  3. Jason

    Interesting. I’ll wager that you’re right. I’ll put something up as soon as I can get out again. My kids have weekly lessons, next 1 tommorow, weather permitting, I’ll try to film all our swings. My 12 yr old has a much better swing that me LOL.


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