A great post about golf and golf instruction

In the comments section yesterday, there was a great post. I wanted to share it on the front page.

It was by Mike Divot.

At the bottom of today’s post is a video of me putting at the practice green in front of the club house at Medinah. The prep for the Ryder Cup is getting me all fired up to come back here and attend. It is my very favorite golf tournament. The clubhouse is magnificent. Watch the video and that hedge in the shape of an M in the foreground was right in the middle of the green…which is in the middle of the parking lot.

I have not videoed my putting stroke in a long time. It’s terrible. No wonder I haven’t been putting well. I have a lot of work to do.


Monte, you and Frank know first hand how pervasive swing crack is. How even a dumb idea can sound like it’s been delivered straight from Mt Sinai, if it’s said with enough conviction.

So what hope do the rest of us have? When Humble Slacken, coach of Peeve Dillon (winner of last week’s PGA tournament), stares down the camera and says with 100% certainty, “to properly accumulate the pronation in the impact telephony, feel like you’re waving your ass at a passing flock of ducks”, then we’re going to go out and try it. And tell ourselves, “maybe I’m not waving it with enough SASS! And tell others on the range, “no, you have to wave your ass at them, like this:” [SHANK]

You are not really fighting against your pupils’ stubborness and wilfulness.

You are fighting the whole wrong-headed golf teaching industry, with its years upon years of “holding lag”, “swing the handle”, “X factor” and on and on and on.

It’s David and Goliath. (But who won that fight?)

It’s a great thing you are doing, and you can only do it one student at a time. Keep up the good fight!

Go Monte!





  1. hackgolfer

    umm…what do you see in your video?

  2. FredL

    Well..you are wearing running shoes, which tilts your body forward, which then puts your putter on its toes which puts the angle of deviation…oh hell, just hit the dumb ball! 🙂

  3. allen

    Just let the putter find the hole without thinking about it.

  4. Rex

    I don’t get it… what’s wrong with your putting stroke? Out of 3 putts you sink one and the other 2 are very,very close and of consistent distance. I’d say that’s pretty good putting.


    • Monte Scheinblum

      Way too far inside. I get away with it on a putt that short, but it will get me in huge trouble when putts get longer…which is where I have been struggling.


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