Pro draws vs. am draws

Of course there are exceptions on both sides, but generally speaking pros and ams create draws differently.

Pros (and low handicappers) create inside out paths by shallowing the club with a lateral lower body shift, tilt and massive rotation. They deliver the club with a clubface slightly closed to the path and produce a soft draw.

This is the proper way

Ams create inside out paths by getting the upper body forward and/or a vertical shoulder turn, so they can drop their arms behind them. Then the arms separate, go out to right field, the body barely turns left of the ball or not at all and the hands flip the club closed to the path. Sometimes a soft draw, sometimes a big draw, sometimes a push fade.

In other words, hips, shoulders, arms and hands working together to create the path, versus arms and hands creating the path.

Hypothetically, if group 2 decided to create an even more in to out path by swing or setup to hit a push draw, imagine the circus that is.

So let me be blunt. If your hips are not at least 30* open at impact, please do yourself a favor and play the nice draw or fade you have now.

I wish someone would have told me this 20 years ago and I might not be such a bitter, crusty, fat, ugly, condescending, sarcastic, whiney, oft injured, washed up, bad tan lined, Sasquatch.




  1. Jason

    Amen! Get your personal ball position right, then send the momentum of swing in the direction you want to start the ball. This in turn should set up a backswing in relation to that without even thinking about it.
    Hey Monte, I put a link to the Blog in Shawn Clement’s chat board and put in a good word for you 😉

  2. woody

    Or, perhaps some of them do it like Nicklaus advised, making the same basic swing and slightly altering their setup and clubface at address.

    I think if you looked you could also find Youtube videos of Furyk, Justin Rose, and Kaymer claiming that’s what they do.

    Turning the club in their hands at setup means that the initial club-ball contact will not be dead center. Perhaps they hit it a dimple off-center, causing spin.

  3. CM

    Question for you Monte 🙂

    One is supposed to shift left with the hips, while keeping the left shoulder “low” in order to shallow the shaft right? Left shift with hips with a high left shoulder is a no no?

    • Mike Richardson

      And should you keep your left shoulder low until after you’ve done the “dump”?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Well, this is kind of a trick question as a high left shoulder is relative.

      The left shoulder moves up and around the spine because you are bent at the waist.

      If it goes straight up as in a too vertical shoulder turn that many golfers forcing a draw do…that is a MAJOR no no.

      So if you are standing behind the golfer in 3D, the left shoulder goes up, left and toward you.

      The no no, the left shoulder goes straight up and the left and toward you happen way too late.

      Hope that made sense.

  4. Calvin

    Oh, dear Gussie..

  5. Geoff Dickson

    So Monte is suggesting that hips should be at least 30* open?…I have been in search of an ideal number to aim for….perhaps this is it?

  6. woody

    So…how do you tell if you’re hitting a draw or a hook? Maybe by how much movement there is. As Dennis Johnson says, “When I need to hit a fairway, I play my go-to tee shot, a 3 to 5 yard draw.”


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