I got quite a few emails about the video of me putting and about my visceral reaction to the video. The general tone was that I made one and almost made the other two.

There is no correct way to putt, however, there are some general things that can help. One is keeping things in front of you so you don’t have to manipulate the face at the ball.

On those putts, my right arm and the putter got behind me immediately off the ball. I then had to use skill and eye hand coordination to manipulate the face on line. I get away with it on short putts, but my intermediate and long putts have been horrendous and that’s why I haven’t played better.

Frank worked with me a bit and it felt like I was taking the putter outside and I was just a hair, but for me, that is better than behind me.

The last day I was there, Frank and I had a match with two mini tour players. I made the most birdies and won the most money…LOL. I putted much better and it felt better than it has in years. I played 9 on Saturday afternoon and made 5 birdies.

Watch the video again (and watch how I get behind me right off the ball) and when I can, I will post a video of me keeping my right arm and the putter more in front of me. This is the opposite of swing crack. It felt better and I got results immediately.




  1. woody

    There are those who say that it’s still swing-crack…but if swing-crack works, who cares?

    There are anatomical reasons why some pros use a belly putter, leftl hand low, or both. It encourages more reliable use of the body…at least for them. But, you can still use your body those ways without those exaggerations, and you may be doing so without even knowing it.

    Getting concerned with the path of the putter is misplacing your focus. It makes more sense to focus on the path you want the ball to start on. You might consider how the eminent (now deceased) teacher Ernest Jones defined a putt: “…the club-head passes through the ball along the line of direction, with its face at right angles to that line…” The right-angles part is taken care of with alignment at address.

    If the ball doesn’t start on your line, there’s a good chance that it’s never going to get there.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You made my point in the last sentence. Outside 10 feet, ball doesn’t start on line.

      • woody

        Actually, it might start on the aim line, IF you do it like TV Aim Point technology. It depends on when the break starts affecting the roll.

        If you say to yourself, “There’s a 6 inch total break to the left with this putt,” then using that method you would align the putter to a point 6″ to the right side of the hole.

        The putt may not actually travel on that aim-line for very long. It’s not the line of travel. You’re not concerned at all about when it leaves the aim line because all you’re looking for is a strike perpendicular to the aim line and 6″ total break.

        I’m sure there are other ways to do it.

  2. BernardP


    Here’s awaiting your latest comments about what you saw with that TW guy over the weekend

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Didn’t see any of it. He obviously played well on a tough course.

  3. Christian

    Are you saying the club are getting too far inside on your backswing and that your hands are pulling the club inside? To me it looks like your arms are pretty passive and your shoulders are rocking.

      • Christian

        Do you think the shoulders should turn perpendicular to the spine in the putting stroke? Or are your going for more of a vertical rock / SBST stroke?

        • Monte Scheinblum

          SBST is what ruined my putting in the first place. It doesn’t matter how the shoulders work for an individual, as long as the putter can put the ball on line consistently..


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