The Hoser Open

I am nothing if not redundant. Obviously you need a 7500 yard golf course with canyons on both sides of every fairway, rock piles in the middle of the fairway and 8 tired greens to defend itself from the PGA Tour players.

Wait, 25 under par wins on those kinds of courses. Again it is proven that narrow tree lined fairways, with rough and subtle slopes in the greens so you have to hit the ball on the correct side and you have to play break on 5 footers and it’s not straight in bang fest.

Patrick Cantlay continues to prove he is going to make a lot of money playing golf. He is not a one time amateur fluke. he plays well every time he tees it up. Amateurs are taking over the world. One was a winner on the Nationwide Tour and another finished 2rd, one stroke back with a bogey on 18. Harris English not only won the event, he led in driving distance.

So much for the “swinging smooth” nonsense.

Props to Peter Kostis. He made an excellent and helpful point about the back swing stopping when the turn stops and not having any extra arm swing.

If he would stick to simple illustrations like this that are helpful to the average golfer, all I would be able to make fun of is his continuous use of double adverbs. You know it’s bad when I make fun of your grammar. It’s like a porn actress calling some girl a slut.

I always root for Sean O’Hair. Not a dynamic personality, but I still like him.

Kris Blanks shows you that a short swing can produce results and that “take it to parallel” is nonsense.

Romero shows us as long as your return the club to square, you can change planes and spine angles 27 times.

Major props out to Adam Hardwin. A Canadian Tout player, with the weight of a nation, almost got the job done and didn’t fold after some early troubles on Sunday.




  1. cdnmike

    I really wanted to see Adam Hadwin win that tourney (obviously), but it was apparent that, coming down the stretch, he wasn’t trying to win it. I don’t blame him. A high finish does a ton for his career. But 3 wood on the par 5 and hybrid on the next hole which is driveable showed me he wasn’t really focused on winning. He didn’t want to risk his position, which, again, is fine with me. I understand it.

    Monte, one of your comments the other day helped me out. Over a putt we should be thinking 100% about speed since we are already lined up. I took that too the course and that tip in conjunction with a new, more comfortable putting stance allowed me to have the best putting day of the year.

    That leads to a question… I have always thought that everyone has to find a putting stance that works for them. All of our joints are different, we have different builds and injuries so trying to copy someone elses putting stance doesn’t seem to work.

    I have tried pendulum and that doesn’t work for me. I putted like Nicolas for ever and that is okay but hurts my back. I just started putting with my feet under my shoulders and squating like I’m sitting in a chair. I felt like a tour pro. I didn’t miss anything outside of 6 ft and everything was around the cup.

    Do you agree that, althought there are certain principals, everyone has to find a putting stance that is comfortable and works for them?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The best putter I have ever seen was an old man who couldn’t hit the ball 100 yards.

      He said if you can make putts putting the grip of the putter in between your butt cheeks and shaking your hips…that’s the way you should putt.

  2. meateater

    Monte, you forgot the fake waterfalls. Must-have item for any respectable modern course. Somehow that old course in Vancouver held its own pretty well though, plus it was beautiful.

    I have no opinions about O’Hair, but sheesh, would it kill the guy to act like he was happy to be there. When he got into the playoff, he looked like someone who came out and found their car had a flat tire. The sponsors laid out a lot of money, fans went to a lot of trouble to get there, volunteers donated their own time, the least this miserable prick could do was pretend to be happy he won. Say what you want about Tiger, but whenever he won a playoff, everyone went home feeling they got their money’s worth.

  3. Christian

    I didn’t get to watch this weekend, but sounds like you might be being a bit hard on O’Hair. From what I read he was on the verge of tears in his interview afterwards and he, himself, said he felt like he was “going to puke” during the playoff. So maybe it was just intense nerves / gameface. Can’t really fault a guy for that.

  4. cdnmike


    It’s one thing to say those things in an interview, it is entirely different to display them. You can’t fault him for his personality or his approach to the game, but he can at least put on a show for the fans a little and pretend he is excited after winning. Go to and check out the picture of him on the tab titled “RBC Canadian Open – O’Hair wins in playoff”. That’s a hell of a “smile”. At the end of the day, fans are looking for entertainment and O’Hair is not entertaining…. Tiger was.

    • Calvin

      Some people just don’t get excited. I like him. He’s a sort of DL3 clone. Looks like he’s got a mouth full of alum. It takes all kinds. I remember being put off by Hale Irwin running around in circles slapping every hand within a square mile. I always enjoy Phil when he wins. I’d rather they stay true to their personality than to fabricate something for show. I pay for the golf not the grin.

  5. Christian

    LOL. that is a funny picture. How about this one?

    He also won with Blanks missing the putt. So you don’t get the normal fist pump thing. Regardless, I’m glad to see him win after falling off the map for a few years. I find it hard to believe he wasn’t happy about it, even if he didn’t show it as much as he should have…

    • cdnmike

      That’s a better picture for sure… why wouldn’t use that one?

      • Christian

        I was wondering the same thing myself. The one they used is ridiculous :-).

  6. Cal

    I didn’t mind who won the play off until O’Hair’s tee shot.

    He hits it into the crowd and shouts…….fuck all.

    Why the hell do so many tour pros lack the common decency to shout fore?

    Hit someone? Ah just give them a ball, or $100 dollars in a sweaty glove. He’s dead! Make it $200. No $250, I’ve got a great lie.

  7. Eric32

    Monte! Just watched a video you have on the setup and it said to bump the left hip to the right a hair to offset the right shoulder being lower than the left..
    WOW ! My transition is effortless now! My swing is so much more balanced and best of all i picked up a little more than 10 yards on all of my clubs!

    Why does this work so good??

  8. Eric32

    Bump the left hip to the left i meant **


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