There needs to be more club rotation so…

…there can be less club rotation. More specifically, less LATE club rotation.

If you don’t have enough rotation of the club, it is open and underneath the plane and that is causing the pivot stall.

There is an ENORMOUS misconception right now.

People believe that more club rotation needs better timing and leads to greater inconsistency.

I am here to tell you that is false. I will agree that too much club rotation is bad, but the club face has to rotate and if you are not rotating it enough, the pivot has to stall so you can flip at the bottom and that is where all the “club rotation needs perfect timing and is bad” nonsense comes from.

You must allow the club to rotate so the lower body can continue to rotate and in turn…keep the club from rotating too much. The rotation of the club and lower body cancel and produce the illusion there is no rotation.

Your right hand needs to be on top of the shaft and the club needs to be square to your spine coming into the ball or pivot stall, early extension (goat humping) and flip are all you have left to square the club.

Your club is open to your spine.

I have posted this video dozens of times and I will keep doing it as long as people need help understanding that allowing the amount of club rotation that the body will produce naturally is the most efficient, consistent and “not dependent on timing” way to do it.

To put it another way…what is more consistent than what natural body mechanics produce?




  1. Calvin

    This is an excellent video. I would point out though that when you swing at that elevated tee you do not exactly swing level. While the shaft does stay level to the ground the plane elevates 8 to 12 inches when your hands roll (what Martin Ayers calls the bellyroll). Then when you swing through the shaft returns to level with the ball.

    This elevation of plane and return to plane is apparent in all elite ball strikers and is something that is not understood well in my opinion. Maybe you could educate us.

  2. Calvin

    More observation of your video. At address the plane is elbows, shaft to ball and level with the ground. When you are at top of swing the shaft is on plane with your shoulders and level with the ground. Then when you swing the shaft drops back down to elbow level. In simple terms at address the shaft is at the base of those trees and at the top the shaft is at the top of those trees and then it drops back to the lower plane on downswing. I went through this with my swingrite in front of a mirror and verified it. You start at elbow plane, go to shoulder plane on backswing anf then return to elbow plane. If you swing through on shoulder plane you go over the top of the ball.

  3. Calvin

    Whoa. I thought your post would get a lot of comments on a lot of levels.

    Weird. Great multi-level post tho.

  4. hank

    that is a lot more complicated analysis that I tend to steer away from. I think Monte’s video suits me best on keeping the club on plane. I tend to hit a lot of “that was pure” shots when I keep plane keys simple.


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