My attempts to become a better instructor.

I am going to hike my pants up so they sit just below my nipples, I am going to have a blank arrogant stare when I speak, I am going to point at the camera as much as possible and when I chip I am going to grip it all the way down to the metal and dive at it as much as possible, then chuck my right hand at it.

I am going to come up with graphs, a checklist/system that all must follow equally, I will write a technical manual that even the most experienced golfers can’t understand and I will produce a set of DVD’s and training aids that are marked up 8000%.

I would like to say that Steve Williams and Tiger Woods splitting up is a welcome sight to me. They fed off each other to become just plain nasty on the course. Tiger needs a caddie with a sense of humor and a fun personality. Both to get his game back and to help endear himself to fans again. I will agree that Steve was great for him and one of the few non “yes men” in Tiger’s camp, but in order for Tiger to regain something close to what he once was…he needs to start over emotionally.

I can speak from experience. I never won 13 majors, never played in 13 majors, or even 13 PGA Tour events, but I could play and I got close. His career path is on a similar path to mine just on a much higher level and he needs to do one thing. He needs to start having fun or he will never win another major.

I would like to call the team of Tiger Woods and Steve Williams the same name that Sam Elliot called the bar in Roadhouse.




  1. meateater

    I had the same reaction to the Tiger-Stevie split. Who knows what really happened? Did Tiger not like him looping for Adam Scott? A narcissist like Tiger could have viewed that as disloyalty. Was it the fact Stevie offered a couple of nonlaudatory comments when Tiger’s world was coming unglued? Did someone in his entourage undermine Stevie when he was not around to defend himself? Did Stevie finally step over some invisible line and piss Tiger off or did the lines move?

    Whatever. Tiger historically has not handled change well. I never liked stevie though. His thuggishness was grotesquely out of place in golf and tolerated only because he worked for Tiger. The last straw for me was when he started removing his bib before Tiger putted out on the last hole. It looked like he thought he was too good to be identified as a caddy.

  2. s.

    Forget about hiking the pants up. Too much like Ledbetter.

    Tiger & Stevie. There’s gotta be more to it than all of the nicey-nice things that they are saying about each other. As we think back on it, didn’t Williams caddy for Adam Scott recently? Kind of an early warning signal? But neither of them have anything to gain by airing the dirty laundry. I’m guessing that it’s another nail in the coffin of Tiger’s playing career.

    Fun to Tiger is dominating. He’s now #20 in the world. Looking at who’s ahead of him, I can’t see him getting above #15. A season of getting his rear end kicked, and I think he’ll quit.

    (I must be able to judge talent because I’m leading my fantasy golf league.)

    • Monte Scheinblum

      s…read the first paragraph again. You got the Leadbetter reference, but you missed the other 3.

      • s.

        A blank arrogant stare could be Haney…but, I dunno, I avoid him like the plague.

        Pointing to the camera…possibly Michael Breed, but I usually avoid him.

        Chip and dive, etc…coulda been me eons ago in times long forgotten.

        Probably 0-3 here.

  3. Stevie #B#

    Monte- Have you ever won any tournament other than your high school or corporate events?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I can’t tell if this is an honest question, or you are being…well you know…

      I think it’s #2, but I will give the the benefit of the doubt.

      Yes. I won tournaments at the amateur level and the professional level. As recently as 2008 I was the low qualifier at a Nationwide event, beating over 150 pros and amateurs.

      My best finish on the Nationwide Tour was a 5th.

      • Stevie #B#

        Scheinblum is an accomplished golfer. Between 1993 and 1996 he competed on the second tier Nike Tour (now Nationwide Tour), where his best finish was a tie for fifth in the 1994 Monterrey Open.[3] He also played in one PGA Tour event, the 1996 Michelob Championship at Kingsmill, missing the cut.

        What professional event did you win?

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Ever heard of the Mini Tours? I was right…it was #2…LOL.

        I am not Tiger Woods, but my playing resume is better than 95% of the instructors out there…not that that means anything…other than on subject.

        Besides, a 5th on the Nationwide tour is evidence someone can play by anyone’s definition…other than those who are ignorant.

        You obviously are ignorant of the professional golf arena and are just trying to be combative.

  4. JS

    Double Douche!

  5. Wally

    Hey Stevie get agrip you big PU–Y
    you make me sick
    get a grip

  6. Wally

    I would like to see no foreign national caddies on the PGA tour Americans only allowed to caddie in the U. S.

  7. Calvin D

    Well, I think you could put up a video every day with lines all over it and maybe a medallion over the players torso and then come in after he swings and hug him from behind while correcting his grip. And you probably need to write a book with a catch-phrase title like “The Z Swing” or “Frontal Golf Lobotomy”. That should put you over the top of something. 🙂

  8. Stevie #B#

    If your resume is 95% better, I have not seen your name on the top 100 golf instructors lately…..

    • Monte Scheinblum

      What point are you trying to make? Those guys have all been doing it for years. What you did as a player has nothing to do with how well you do as an instructor. You started that discussion.

      Are you going to keep changing direction and showing your ignorance until you get a rise out of me?

  9. bobs34

    Resume schmezume…. I’ve had lessons from guys on the top 100 list. Most of the time they do nothing but make you worse. While I’ve not had a lesson with Leadbetter personally, I have had some of his DVD’s, they made me worse. Monte has helped me to get better.

  10. Wally

    Monte, you should caddie for Tiger. This way he could have a caddie/swing coach, and you could show him how to chug a beer like a man should. Not that sissy light beer that these metrosexual men of today drink.

  11. Stevie #B#

    I will forward your name to T. Woods associate Imada as potential instructor………I’m sure he call

  12. Stevie #B#

    My boy Phil M. says hello


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