The five stupidest ideas in the history of golf

5. Stephen Ames calling out Tiger’s driving accuracy before their match. Did he even tie one hole?

4. “Links style golf course.” There is no better way to build a crappy golf course than to get a computer generated blueprint of a great links course in the British Isles and transpose it on the side of a mountain in a western desert with canyons on both sides of every fairway and around every green…and elevating all of the greens with a pot bunker short so the ball can’t be run up.

3. Stepping off the distance on putts. Let’s take the part of the game that most requires feel and touch and insert as much mechanical thought as possible. I am all for walking around and getting the lay and feel of the land, but when no player in the history of the PGA Tour has done something, it’s probably not a good idea.

2. Forcing as much lag as possible as the main focal point of the swing. I think everyone knows where I stand on that. Lag is good, forced lag is the second worst idea in the history of golf.

1. Tasteless joke deleted.

I’d say this post has divided readers into three categories. Those that I have offended, those that think I am an idiot and both. 😀

PS-Sometimes jokes are tasteless, but the world would be a better place if we stepped back and examined the intent and context before attacking the originator.




  1. Bob

    Makeup? What makeup?

  2. Walter

    This post about Natalie Gubis, shows BAD JUDGEMENT, which is the key to why you are a failure in competive golf

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Just because you found my joke tasteless, there is no reason to make a personal attack. You might call it semantics, but I was not a failure at competitive golf, I was just not as much of a success as I wanted to be.

    • maamold

      Lighten up Francis

  3. RA

    I think I’m in a fourth category – those that think you are spot on!

  4. s.

    Speaking of competitive golf, here is the Monte S. record from (found it while looking for something else). It comprises all of 2 rounds:

    Driving Distance
    285.5 — Tot. Dist. – 1,142 Tot. Measured Drvs. – 4
    Driving Accuracy Percentage
    35.71% — Fwys Hit – 10 Poss. Fwys – 28
    Total Driving
    1,998 — Total rank from stats 1 & 2
    Greens in Regulation Percentage
    41.67% — Greens Hit – 15 # Holes – 36
    Putting Average
    2.000 — GIR Putts – 30, Greens Hit – 15
    Putts Per Round
    31.00 — Tot. Putts – 62 Tot. Rnds. – 2
    Birdie Average
    2.00 — # Birdies – 4 Tot. Rnds. – 2
    Par Breakers
    11.11% — #Bird/Eagl – 4 #Holes – 36
    Sand Save Percentage
    75.00% — # Saves – 3 # Bunkers – 4
    Scoring Average (Actual)
    78.00 — Tot. strks – 156 Tot. Rnds. – 2

    Actually, not too bad. These are hard courses, and I think it all comes down to driving accuracy, 35.71%.

    That limits GIR, which limits birdies, encourages bogeys. This was probably a long time ago, and I give it one thumb UP.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Woody, let’s be honest. Those stats were horrible. I was at the low point in my career and was way too excited to be playing in my first Nationwide event in 10 years. It was one of the worst tournaments of my career. I had the hooks and putted terrible. I also had a 230 yard drive mixed in or I at least would have averaged over 300 and led the week. I hit a hook into the trees that brought down my average that was still top 10 for the week.

      When I played most of my Nationwide events in the mid 90’s, they didn’t keep comprehensive stats.

      I would have led in driving distance by 20 yards. I did finish 2nd in birdying par 5 average in 1994 and around 20th in par breakers that same year.

  5. Calvin D

    Agreed except for the thong and pastie thing. 🙂 Out-grew that in my twenties.

    Here’s another: “If I send Don Trahan, C.J. Goecks, Jim MccClellan, Noel Thomas, Darryl Klassen, A.J. Bonar, Purepoint golf, Symple Swing or Rotary Golf 100 bucks or so they will tell me how to play great golf in way that enables me to do it.”

    I have exercised a few of those options but now have taken the vow. 🙂

  6. retired guy

    Probably the single worst idea in golf history was Robert Garrigus deciding to hit hybrid off the 18th with a three shot lead. Next time hit something that will carry the water or not reach it.

    Second worst idea was Tiger thinking,” I’m done with Butch. That Haney guy has some great ideas.”

    Third worse, Michelle Wie’s dad , “Wow, we can get David Leadbetter to teach her.”

  7. Walter

    It wasn’t meant as a “Personal Attack”.

    • Michael

      That was still a pretty dick move comment, just sayin. Natalie’s got awesome lady parts, there’s nothing wrong with Monte wanting to enjoy the view.

      Side note: Monte, she’s got really really skinny chicken legs. They’re actually awkward looking in person. She really needs to eat a cheeseburger. The rest of her in person however, is phenomenal.

    • maamold

      Bad Judgment on your part thinking that was not a personal attack.

  8. Brett Picotte

    Wow! That’s just mean, Walter. If you think that’s such bad judgement, you should go somewhere else (and don’t come back).

  9. Paul

    Hey Waaalter–what’s up with all the hate? Try and enjoy life.

  10. Steve Bishop

    Some other nominee’s…

    Titanium shafts
    Wie’s switch to Leadbetter (I know it was said but it’s at the top of my list)
    “The Hammer”
    Par 3 holes where the greens are the size of the clubhouse and 3 tier’d with 5 foot inclines to each tier.

    • retired guy

      “The Hammer”. It won’t work right if you don’t yell POW after you hit it.

      Who is longer, Monte or Jack Hamm?


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