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Another Instructor here in Southern California does short Instagram clips and his followers like it, so I am going to start giving it a shot soon. Just little quips of simple things to work on and mull over that might improve your game.

So, let’s hear it. What explanations/demonstrations would you like to see that can be done in a 15 second video? If you’re shy, you can email me.

Clinics news.

Phoenix is a go and is at The Point at Lookout Mountain April 2-4. 4 spots left.
Chicago is a go at Green Valley Golf Center in Hanover Park. 4 spots left.
Mid-Atlantic is a go May 21-23, Venue TBD. Filing fast, 3 spots left.
London is a go, sometime in August at Betchworth Park. 6 spots left.
Boston is a go, date TBD, likely at Norton Golf Center. 5 spots left.

New Jersey and Dallas are close, need a few more to get them firmed up with dates. I am not ruling out the others, there just needs to be more interest.




  1. Jeff

    I’d like to see a short clip on how to start the very first part (first few feet, say) of the backswing.

  2. Sam K

    How much is Phoenix?

  3. Wheatgolf

    video on what you like to feel/do/intend post impact.

  4. Eric

    The three components to a perfect top of backswing: cock wrists, rotate arms, and turn shoulders to top.

    That is a mind blower for a lot of people, especially those sucking the club inside.

  5. Nick

    How to keep the right hip from firing out to the ball at the start of the downswing. Also, feels to keep the front leg from straightening too early in the downswing.


  6. John M

    At our recent clinic at OCN you talked a lot about how the set up greatly influences the swing. Maybe just talk about the common set up faults you’re always seeing with your students and the corrections needed.

  7. Tim

    Monte – Can you be more specific on location for the Mid Atlantic clinic? Thx.

  8. Puff Daddy

    I would like to see a clip about how the lower body (hips, knees, feet) are supposed to work in the downswing.

    • Carlos

      Yes this would be great.

  9. Road Runner

    Hi Monte, you have already done a video on “Lead with the right elbow”, so what is the role of the left elbow in the downswing? How far does it move away from the the torso? What is its path? The boney bit on the inside, what does it do?

  10. Carlos

    Would be great to get a tip on lower body movements. Specially on weightshifting and help maintaining spine angle with the lower body

  11. Pete C

    How about a video that explains how to swing with the left arm…not the right? As a righty, I want to drive everything with the right hand/arm. I cant seem to get the left to dominate to get some real speed

  12. Blades

    I’d like to see what should head be doing on downswing?

    And “the following is a good thought to get to proper finish:______”

    Psyched about Boston!


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