Most equipment changes are an incredible waste of money and are equally ridiculous.

If you want to buy new clubs because it’s fun…I am all for that as I like new clubs just as much as the next guy. However, if you continually make equipment changes thinking the new driver from company “X” is going to increase your driving distance 30 yards and cure your long standing slice…I have some Amway products for you as well.

Here is the most egregious equipment change I ever heard. Several years ago there was this real scratch geek at my club. He would spout everything straight out of Golf Digest as if he invented the game. He was about a 10 handicap, which is solid, but he lived by the old adage…talk 60’s, dress 70’s, shoot 80’s.

One day he shows up at the driving range ranting and raving about how “pure I am now.” He had his Rifle 6.3’s changes to 6.2’s and now his draw was working perfectly as he was having trouble blocking it before.

In other words, he spent $300 to pay for a new set of stickers on his shafts (I would be willing to bet large sums of money that’s all they changed when he left the clubs). You can change the shaft frequency .1 by changing to a different grip, adding half a piece of lead tape to the head, or taking a huge divot and not cleaning your club. As a matter of fact, if you tightened the vice that held the club into the frequency meter in those days, you could change the flex .2 or .3 sometimes. The way you let go of the club head would sometimes oscillate the club a slightly different frequency.

They also did a study that PGA Tour players usually needed as much as .3 or .4 difference to notice and most amateurs needed almost a full point before they could.

The point being, this guy was an idiot. The other point is don’t be so anal with your club specs, it isn’t good for you. Feel is more important than the perfect numbers a computer reels off. Different days you fell different and the temperature also affects how the club performs.

I understand that having a club that fits you is important, but there are too many variables in golf, your body from day to day and the weather to make “a perfectly matched set of clubs” relevant at all.

All of the Trackmanists are ready to throw empty beer cans at me now. 😀




  1. Paul

    Speaking of feel, my golf game has improved much this season. I’m able to work the ball better, gained some distance, more control at the lowpoint, don’t walk off yardage when I’m playing, etc.

    What I am noticing is that I’m beginning to hate my game improvement irons–too light and less or no feel. I’m buying a used set of Hogan Apex irons to work with. What say you?

  2. seveonsunday

    Hahhaha I love hearing stories like that!

  3. bentshaft

    If for no other reason—most everyone will think you are crazy!!
    it’s kinda fun actually!! (mine are ’68 bounce soles)

  4. Walter

    I am 66 years old, playing Golf about thirty years. A couple of years age I picked up a Big Bertha 454 for 25 bucks at a yard sale. I am too cheap to a new top line club ’cause I know my 185-210 yard drives in the middle of the fairway are as good as it will ever get. I have always believe that the new technology does everything to reward a crappy swing, ayway a few months ago I picked up an 70’s Pwerbuilt driver. Can anyone tell me why I hit that club just as far as my “454”. So now I keep two drivers in the bag, I like to user the Powerbuilt into the wind it is great, and the ball rolls a lot. I find that on a full swing it just “knows what to do all by itself. What great feel it has.

  5. Walter

    What the people holding up play with there stupid RANGE FINDERS, they take five minutes taking ranges, (geez you think they were Marine Corps snipers) and then they shank the drive twenty five feet, and then the process starts all over again
    There should be a Range Finder usage Fee

    • Monte Scheinblum

      LOL. Yea, I make fun of that too. I am torn. Who takes longer? The people who step off their yardages 3 times to make sure it’s 131 and no 132…or the people with the range finders.

      I believe both groups hit their next shot from 87.

      Don’t get me started on people who step off putting distances.

      • banner12


        Get started on the people who walk off putting distances. My teaching pro (Lynn Ralston) always thought it gave one an idea unconsciously of not only the distance but the slope of the green.

        I. OTOH, just like to look at the hole from both sides since sometimes you can be visually fooled by the surroundings RE: slope/break.

        RE: distances to pin on full shots, I’m more concerned with pin placement and whether it’s better to miss long or short, left or right. So a ballpark figure on yardage is just fine.

      • Will

        Stepping off putting distances? People really do this? So what, they have a 5 foot stroke, a 15 foot stroke, etc? That sounds way too complicated.

    • hackgolfer

      hmm…you’re talking about laser range finders? I find that the GPS range finders speeds up my play (I don’t even have to look for the barber poles, sprinkler heads or any other marker)…and it teaches me about how long i hit my clubs….

  6. john

    I agree with you, but I like to buy different clubs to see what’s out there, but I buy used and older models. Demo days are good, but I like to spend more time to get to really know the equipment.

    You can get a set of used name brand irons for so cheap nowadays, so instead of buying a new set of irons, I have used sets of Ping, Mizuno, Titleist and Hogan, all with different characteristics, so I have a better feel for what’s out there, different clubhead shapes, offsets, forged/cast, blades, etc…

  7. retired guy

    Any fool knows the most important thing with irons is how they look. That means classic muscle-back blades, preferably Wilson Staff, Hogans or Macs at least 30 years old. I have X100 shafts in one set, S300s in another and some chinese knockoffs that are R. Hit’em all about the same. But they are very cool.

    I don’t give a crap about what the driver looks like since it has a head cover. i do like bright colors on the shaft. They make me feel happy.

    • SB Bruin

      Bright colors on the shaft usually make me concerned and seek out medical attention.

  8. ringerdaman

    All I am going to say is this…

    You may not be able to feel the change, but the club and the ball know the change.

    But granted, .1 change isn’t worth spending money on unless you’re on tour. Even if you’re scratch looking to get a plus handicap, you’re still stretching your reasoning.


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