Golfers are stupid

For those of you who did well on the SAT, I would like to add.

If all golfers are stupid and Monte is a golfer, then by the transitive property…

I continue to get emails telling me my idea of a gradual, earlier release and natural lag as opposed to the abomination of forced lag…is casting. So today’s videos are repeats to show this is not the case. The next few weeks are all going to be related to golfers being stupid. Something about a golf club that sucks the gray matter out of our brains and holds it in escrow till we leave the course.

Stories about golfers being stupid, Monte being stupid and such. All will have a moral to the story that will help your game.

If you watch these four videos below and still think I am promoting a cast…there is nothing I can do to help you. I hear “Flowers for Algernon” is a good book.

If you watch these four videos and still think you need to create lag on purpose by manipulating your hand action on purpose…please move to the South Pole and don’t talk to the Emperor Penguins about golf.




  1. S.

    Wow. There’s enough material in these 4 to earn you a PhD in golf.

    I wish, when I had taken up golf, all I had was these 4 videos instead of the books, magazines, TV golf, DVD’s, etc.

  2. Walter

    Great post, a lot of wisdom in this post. They need you on the Golf Channel.

  3. Calvin D


  4. Rex

    Great set of video clips! Felt like I was in a mini-clinic, getting lots of great information on the proper swing.


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