This is why golfers aren’t getting better.

I would say 95% of all golfers get info from friends (real life and internet) and pros who haven’t the faintest idea what they are talking about.

Spewing cliches and ideas without the understanding of what they mean or any empirical evidence as to why they apply or if they apply.

“Keep your head down.” ROFLMAO, that is still my favorite. Maybe that is what Haney told Tiger.

There are opinions and there is drivel. I have heard opinions I disagree with, but find them valid for many golfers…I found some serious drivel this past weekend.

On a message board a young high school golfer asked how to generate more speed and if the release of the hands should happen after the body turns. Here are two responses…

#1—-“Yeah if you want to hit it 100 yards left. IMO the best release is not one, or if you have to, do it as much past impact as you can.”


#2—-“I would get a weighted club or grab 2 clubs before you play and swing them for more club head speed. As for releasing the club
you want to hold that angle coming down as long as you can. make sure you get a nice shoulder turn.”


At least #2 added to have the proper grip pressure and allow centrifugal force to release the club.

The moral to the story:

I am not saying I know everything and everything I say is right for all golfers. I have been clear that is not the case at all.

Be very careful who you listen to and what you try. Put aside the fact that your golf game might get worse, you can seriously injure yourself.

Tomorrow I am going to have a post and video on “Swinging Left.” I think you will find it informative. (It would be “swinging right” if you are a left handed golfer)




  1. Calvin D

    Disagree. I think that is the way that most golfers do get better. I would bet that even you went through that same process. It’s how you learn what does not work which is just as important as knowing what does work.

  2. S.

    “haven’t the faintest idea what they are talking about.”

    Just about all of the commercial stuff tries to reverse-engineer a golf swing from video or photos. Probably the best of that is photos of impact, which is the goal.

    Golf is rather counter-intuitive, so most people think that golf is about manipulating the arms, hands, and club. Instead, maybe it’s more about using the whole body,

    I think I swing better when arms, hands, and club are “mostly” just weight…or rotating mass as George Knudson said.

  3. retired guy

    I htink the most sensible approach to improving is to just copy the swing of whoever won onTour that weekend. That way you know it works.

    ps. Just hope Dustin Johnson doesn’t win too many times.

  4. retired guy

    If you hit a bad shot, the best thing to do is mutter under your breath( but loudly enough for everyone to hear) that you got “stuck.” No one actually knows what that means, but it sounds very sophisticated.

  5. DA

    You would be referring to swing left like hogan correct. Which would be for a very rotational swing correct? This is what is referred to on some forums as the slicefixer swingz? Is that correct Monte. This would be the most effecient way to swing a golf club unless you are just completely out of shape and have to body mass as all.

  6. Monte Scheinblum

    To DA…

    There is plenty of overlap in the ideas, I am sure. You will probably have the answers after watching tomorrow’s video better than I could answer them myself.

  7. ringerdaman

    I am guessing you saw Brian Manzella’s D-Plane video?

    • DA

      If your question is for me. No, I am a student of Geoff Jones aka slicefixer and read Monte’s blog regularly.

      • ringerdaman

        No, Monte. Swinging left is a big deal for Brian. There is considerable merit to it.

    • ringerdaman

      It’s pretty informational. It’s about the D-Plane which I think is important for us to know as instructors. He also makes a pretty good case for why you have to swing left. You should come to the conference here in Phoenix in October. Going to have a really good informational summit with physics guys and the golf swing.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Might have to do that. Let me know when and where. I know Stever that your are ringer. I just wanted to make sure you knew who i was responding to.

      • ringerdaman

        All the information is up on Brian’s board.

        This isn’t a “PGA” deal. This is just Brian’s gathering of physicists to come to some solid conclusions about things. They may seem nitty gritty but can be helpful. A third of the questions will come from the audience and will be fully vetted out by the panel. Not just some directed questioning by Brian. If you have ever wondered something about the golf swing and whether or not it’s accurate when related to physics, these are the guys to ask. I’m going to bring up the usage of the term “centrifugal”.

  8. ringerdaman

    BTW, I’m actually Steve Bishop. I’m just logged into my WordPress account.


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