“Swinging left”

This is kind of my spin on what “swinging left” (right for a left handed golfer).

It’s the anti-inside/out and what I am working on indirectly right now. If you are stuck and/or swinging too far inside/out, this video will be very helpful.

It will also help if your shoulders turn too vertically through impact and/or your lower body doesn’t turn very well.

Basically, all of the problems I have…LOL.




  1. bob

    Best tip to date, Monte.

  2. Michael

    That in theory should produce a nice little cut no?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It all depends and the swing path coming in and how much “left” you swing it.

  3. Michael

    The swing made around the 3:20-3:27 mark was what made me pose the question.

    I guess the better question would be, what kind of ball flight are you experiencing with the way you swing? Consistent in both distance and disbursement? Able to shape it both ways or just one? Do you have any difficulty changing trajectory?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That is not the swing I am making. It is the swing I am trying to and not yet making. It will produce a draw if I get it linked up. To hit a cut, I come more from the outside.

  4. TonyK

    One of the most long-lived and consistent swing thoughts I had in my earlier playing days was to try to hit a slight cut. This would almost always lead to either a straight shot or a slight draw. Awesome lesson Monte.


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