The dangers of one small piece of incorrect info

(I am moving this week and am going to Mississippi to work with Frank at the True South Classic next week. The week after, if I survive, I have ideas for 8-10 really good videos and will start filming and posting them in August.)

People want quick fixes and drills. The problem is none of these things fix the core issues and often, make it worse by creating an additional issue.

Got a PM the other day about restricting hip turn. Guy asks me about if he should free it up…I say of course.

He then says, “So I need to free it up while still keeping all the flex in the right knee.”

I told him the right knee has to straighten some, it just can’t lock.

He said a Tour player told him his right knee straightening was causing a reverse pivot, so he tried to not let it straighten at all.

Well, a straightening right knee does not cause a reverse pivot. However, a reverse pivot will cause the right knee to straighten too much and trying to keep the flex without fixing the reverse pivot will cause the hips to restrict.

How’s that for double talk? Triple talk?

The point is if you don’t understand cause and affect, you can ruin your own swing and the swings of others. This is why range gurus are so dangerous. Armed with one small piece of correct sounding info, can literally destroy a golfer. I have a student who went from a 9 to not being able to get the ball airborne with an iron as a result of one well placed cliche. He went from 10 rounds in a row of low 80’s, to having to cheat to shoot 110 from one day to the next.

For those wanting to know how to fix the reverse pivot…it depends. You have to know the “cause.” 😀




  1. FredL

    Funny you mention this as I was pondering if the right leg straightens as you rotate the hips…which I would think you would have lest your axis would become your right hip as oppose to your spine.

  2. John Brady

    Yep, cause and effect. Unfortunately, this is a rare gift. Many “think” they understand but very, very, few do. This includes most teachers and “natural” players. Just because someone can hit and score well does not insure they understand their OWN game let alone anyone elses. Definitely unlikely that they can troubleshoot accurately and then be able to communicate correctly. Odds are they cannot. Odds are they think they can and will try. Of course even in the presence of someone with these abilities… rare is the student that will be able to hear such truth without self distorting it.
    Where is that crack pipe…


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