Frank is setup for success

It’s about confidence and committing to shots now.

He and I have done some really good work the last 10 weeks.

The initial success he had at The Valero was about me freeing him up mentally and physically from all the garbage that had sidetracked his career.

Since then, it has been a two man search for exactly where he needs to be. A push here, a pull there. He is at the point where he doesn’t have to try so hard to hit it where he is looking. Actually, he isn’t having to bust his ass on every swing to avoid the ball leaving the course (I knew that issue only too well)…It is starting to become less cerebral and more feel driven.

He is in The John Deere and likely in all of the next four events.

The way he has been playing off the tour, I expect him to exit a month from now setup for a finish in the top 125 at the end of the year and hopefully a spot in the PGA at Kiawah Island.

He has been shooting lower scores and making more birdies than he has in five years. It’s only a matter of time before the success translates into another top finish (or 5 top finishes) on the tour.

Now if I could only make time to play 3-4 times a week, I might have a chance to exit my chop status. Frank was impressed with how I looked in Chicago. He said I looked just like a Tour player who had taken 3 months off to go fishing and just need 20 rounds in the next month to get on track.

…and had lost 20 yards in the process. What are friends for? Actually I think he said someone like i had a great chance to win at the Remax in the 60 and over division if the top guy didn’t get a weekend pass from “The Home.”

This line of needling is ironic since Frank is only 2 years younger than me and hits it 30 yards shorter than I do. Problem is he is 2 years younger than me and he used to hit it 60 yards shorter than me.




  1. Robert Johansson

    Are you saying your getting old?
    success is good hopefully Frank does it licking good.

  2. mookie

    Dang..I never would’ve guessed that Frank is younger than you. I’m only a very casual viewer of Tour events. Only began watching a lot in the last decade or so. But I HEARD of Frank from awhile ago….always thought he was an old guy…So to hear that he’s 2 years younger than you, wow…..never would have guessed. I’m 37 by the way.

    Seriously though, thanks for your help on WRX, YouTube, and here. I’ve been fighting inconsistent play for awhile, with big blocks and slices creeping into my game. Your tips about posture, standing further from the ball, and not taking the club too far inside on the BS is working wonders for my driver and long irons.

    Good luck to you and Frank!

  3. theMIKE

    You did not practice 100y. bunker shots enough 😉


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