Really?!?!?!? (edited)

Imagine how many aneurysms I had reading this comment below in response to someone who was asking for help coming too far inside and over the top.

Something like this is going to give me a stroke someday. I know the guy was only trying to help and I am not mad at him, as much as the cliche culture that created him. I have the urge to respond, “That is horrible, you are going to give that guy the shanks,” but I refrain. I am trying to project an image as an affable guy, even though I am less than a dozen of these comments away from being a serial killer.

I now know what they mean by voices in their head telling them to do it.

This is like Where’s Waldo. Find how many of my hated cliches this guy incorporated. The winner gets a free online lesson.

Every day I get more and more like Howard Beale.

The comment below epitomizes where we are.

Pull the handle and swing smooth so you can slow down and time impact?

Harvey Pennick and Ben Hogan are getting ready to bring on the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

EDITED-Goodness gracious sakes alive…and horsefeathers and…and other clean euphemisms for a profane rant. The person to which this advice was directed is going to go out and try it. The last time I had the desire to run and tackle someone before they created a disaster for themselves, was Phil Mickelson on the 72nd hole at Winged Foot.

That was a ripple in a pond compared to the tsunami the advice below will cause.

This visual helped me a lot to get my swing plane from inside to out. Start out with a lower lofted club like a wedge. Take a nice smooth backswing, on the downswing dont think about where the club head is or the club face( remember this just a drill) imagine hitting the ball with the butt end of the club. What this does is your club is at the top and you have made your turn to the top so now your set up inside. When you pull the butt of the club twards the ball your swing thought gets a lot smaller. Its a lot easier to maintain a line with the butt of the club as opposed to trying to keep up with where the club head is all the time. From the top just drop the butt of the club through the ball with a smooth motion. It has to follow a path in to out to get there.

Truth is the club head will follow the butt end of the club. Keep the swing smooth and dont try to over power the shot. You’ll notice right away the first time you try this the feel will be different. You’ll actually feel the club swinging in to out. Then bump it up to the 8 and try that and so on.

On my driver(i hit a r11 thats 48 inches) Im a little further away from the ball. When I start down to the ball im hitting the ball with the butt of the club which maintains my in to out path and creates a little more lag for more distance, I hit the ball on the sweet spot 98 % of the time.

On the swing monitor my swing is 2 degrees in to out 99% of the time by using this method.

The key here is a smooth take away and a smooth downswing to be able to feel the swing and get it ingrained into your brain and muscle memory. It wont take long and I bet it works for ya.




  1. theMIKE

    Let me guess, this guy is a 2 planer….(Monte is going to kill me) but all the stuff he describes is working pretty well if you are in a more arm powered up and down universe. This effort of “dropping” the butt end towards the ball works pretty well, I only don’t believe his numbers, perhaps if he sets up perfectly in a synthetic environement and times the up and down of the arms with the body well together, but I still don’t believe them.

    Its fine if you keep your hands really more in front of you (sternum), if he stands up through the hitting area (straighten legs) the hands get automatically close enough to the body and he will not shank or get stuck (sure they are higher and further out), but not to a degree that it hurts much. but you use your wrists and arms much more proactively

    Whats your take?

    I have been hitting that way for a good part of my carrieer, then got more pseudo “1p instruction” originating from this jerk in Orlando/fl, it has gotten a mess, and after a long long time and cleaning out the remains of my initial swing, I am now in the ball park of montes usual language…but still can relate to both..

    When you are going to understand that there are completely different ways of hitting a ball? JH is an attempt and a good one, its not perfect, it has its flaws, but there is still much more to it and I think we will learn from the TPI much more how to teach a swing much closer to your build and DNA. but humans are so complex in nature and even they will have a hard time to find the perfect instruction for each individual.

    I have found your instruction very good and easy to relate to, but thats only because we are to some extent wired the same way.

    The key lesson for me is, if something does not give a shade of better results after a very few shots, pick something else and DO NOT follow it any longer than these few shots..

    Its total waste of time and energy.

  2. Andreas Sakkas

    I read that post and I think I have the same problem. I also saw your reply and think I may be too close to the ball, too flat etc… Basically everything you said is wrong I do but i’m stuck in a bad rut and can’t seem to shake it.
    I went from shooting 1/2 under to shooting 90’s.
    Can you tell me how I’m hitting the ball straight with my divots going waaaay left. The divot doesn’t start straight and tail off to the left, it’s just straight left, deep and long.It would look like a perfect divot if I were planning to cut a 7 iron 20 yards. I’ve lost distance and can’t work out what I’m doing and why it’s still flying straight.Any help please…

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You are pulling the handle too hard.

      Let the arms be heavy and drop.

      Without seeing your swing, that is the safest advice I can give.

  3. theMIKE

    The transition from one part of the coin to the other part took me nearly 10 years, so these smarties who pretend to be able to hit the ball after each philosophy out there are,

    just talkers…. (in between were thousants of buckets of balls and hundreds of rounds)

  4. projectscratch

    How far are you hitting the 48 inch club? How much further do you hit the ball with the extra 2-3 inches? Would a longer shaft help the average 225 yard driver hit the ball further?

  5. HoldTheLag

    “It won’t take long and I bet it works for ya”

    Is all that you need to make the conclusion assuming that the forum post asking for help was all that the “helpful” guy had to go by.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It works on every range in America…probably the world.

  6. The Original Brian

    -altering natural tempo
    -pulling the handle
    -whipping it inside
    -consciously dripping the club (not as a result of tilt)
    -consciously hold the lag

    Those are in order and I probably missed a few. Is this guy the greatest ball striker ever? I wish I could hit the sweet spot 98% of the time and have an identical path 99% of the time.

      • Andrew from Addis

        Could add:
        flipping the wrists
        goat humping (Although that was only made exlicit in the first reply)
        Practising full swing with a low lofted (sic) club like a wedge
        Swing soft

        The thing that amazes me by replies like this is that it is so clear that the “author” is incapabale of hitting a 48″ driver, probably has a handicap in the high teens or higher and yet truly believes in what he is writing. The explanation of his super human capabilities is the guarantee of ultra BS.

  7. Michael

    Hey Monte,

    I’m playing the Stadium at PGA West tomorrow afternoon! Any recommendations or helpful tips I could have?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Used to live there an played it probably 200-300 times. There is a bail out on every shot but 17.

      Every shot gives you an opportunity to miss it somewhere and make par.

      You just have to pay attention and not stare at all the trouble.

      • Michael

        Tough course, got stuck with a regular flex of clubs in my rental set. Stupidly went left on 16, somehow got out in 1. Hit it to 10in on 17 from about 182. Was awesome.

  8. Silky

    I’m embarrassed monte, but I’m gonna admit it…I tried the butt of the club thing after I read that thread earlier today. I don’t really have the overthetop move the original poster on that thread probably has, but I looked at video of my swing this past weekend and I have a weird little “up” move at the top of my backswing that I’m guessing is the culprit of my inconsistent shots. The shtty part is, I couldn’t stop it. Taped myself 5-6 different times and that move was still there. I’m working on your “bump, dump” drill and will play a round on monday. If I shoot crappy, I’ll post my video on the other site, and maybe u can tell me what u think? Until then, I’ll stop the butt of the club move immediately!

    • theMIKE

      “Goat humping” is perfectly legitimate if that cures an OTT move and its hard to hold lag with it 🙂 its only illegitimate if it causes excess in to out. I slowly don’t understand why some folks are so obsessed with things they do not understand, if he has a crappy looking swing, so be it! Does it produce results? Yes? Then its fine.
      No? Look at the swing again. I can only advise everyone not to get caught in other peoples mould, that will lead to desaster 8 out of 10 times (because its like a DIY brain surgery with just a mirror and a knife)

      • theMIKE

        Ps. Its certainly also illegitimate if ones swing requires to maintain posture during the downswing. But how do you judge that????

  9. Wally

    Here’s a name for all you swing crack addicts Don Cherry. Crappy looking swing good results

    • theMIKE

      Because they like probably more good looking swings which produce bad results:)

  10. Calvin

    Troy Kelly and Ted Potter Jr? What the hey?

  11. Calvin

    probably what he’s striving for:

  12. Attack and Release

    I hadn’t seen that video before. Thanks for posting.

  13. Macduff

    “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this any more.”
    – Howard Beale, Visionary.


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