The British Open

Dustin Johnson on 14. When you dive at it that much, you are going to get stuck and block it at the wrong time.

The Phil fans had something to get excited about. 6-under through 10? That is a joke. However, the only thing more over rated than Tiger’s distance off the tee is Phil’s putting. Tiger wins because he is a great “player” of golf and a great clutch putter. He has never been the longest hitter. Phil has a great short game, but his putting from 3-6 feet has been horrendous throughout his career. Had Phil been Tigeresque from 3-6 feet, he would have won this tournament by 5 shots.

I really like Darren Clarke for more reasons than I can list. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, he plays golf instead of being a golfer, he has a great simple swing and the way in which he conducted himself during the Ryder Cup a few years ago after his wife had passed is what movies are made of.

I think the recent run of international players winning majors is they are more interested in playing golf, while Americans are more interested in swinging the golf club. There are of course exceptions on both sides, but as a rule, Americans are way more into technical perfection than those across the oceans.

When the conditions were as bad as they were, you saw all international players and Americans that don’t worry about their swing so much. I know I talked about a fault in Johnson’s swing before, but that is not what I mean. There is nothing wrong with cleaning up some noise that gets in your way a little under pressure. It is something completely different to try and have a perfect move and that is your main goal. I have done this and it doesn’t get your optimum golf at any level.

It’s kind of like baking a cake. You have to have the right ingredients and in the proper quantity, but it is not going to spoil the cake if you have 2 3/8 cups of flour, versus 2 1/4 cups. It will just be a little more fluffy. However, if you have four teaspoons of salt, instead of one, that is going to be one salty disgusting cake, even if all the other ingredients are perfect.

There is nothing wrong with having a swing coach and knowing how to make yourself better. It is something completely different when you are working on fixing your right elbow being an inch off at P3.

I could not think of a more deserving champion than Darren Clarke. he has been a great ambassador and the game would be better with more players like him.




  1. Wally

    Three cheers for all the beer drinking cigar (or cigarette) smoking FAT guys who play golf well. Enough of all this “GOLF FITNESS”. Go out and play the game. As for Phil who cares, he did the best he ever did in the “OPEN” good for him. When I came back for a round of golf and found him with a share of the lead, I almost dropped a load in my pants. Golf is really fun

  2. rojoass

    Right on Wally !!! Swingcrack hasn’t made it across the pond quite yet. At least not in epidemic fashion to the majority of tour players………

  3. s.

    Golf is a sport, so fitness is part of it if you want to do well. Tiger pursued fitness, and he didn’t have a shabby career, and it didn’t hurt with the chicks either.

    If Calcavecchia was more fit, maybe he would have hung in the Open longer. 69-79-MC

    Swing crack…to try and have a perfect move and that is your main goal…it remains my theory for the prominence of Koreans and non-US people on the LPGA Tour.


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