Being connected is a fallacy

Everyone who read the title of today’s post, just had their head explode. All of the people who think I am an idiot, think I am a bigger idiot and all of the people who follow what I say as their new mantra of getting better at golf, have just reconsidered.

So let me rephrase. What we have been told you need to do to stay connected is a fallacy. All of these drills and training aids that keep your right (rear) arm glued to your side…are all nonsense.

It couldn’t be less relevant how well you right arm stays connected. Nicklaus is proof and so is almost every long driver on the Tour and in professional long driving.

Not only is it irreverent how well your right arm is connected, trying too hard to keep it connected can ruin your golf swing. It gets the club too far inside, shuts off your shoulder turn and forces you to lift at the end of the swing, gets your shoulders to rotate too flat, gets you under the plane coming into impact, gets you too narrow…and on and on and on.

Here is the good part. Your left arm needs to stay connected through the back swing and all the way through impact. It helps you from getting the club too far inside going back, helps you set the club in the right place at the top, keeps you from having your arms over run your shoulder turn, keeps the club in front of you on the down swing and keeps it from getting underneath the plane.

Here is a video showing how making sure the left arm is connected can help you…and it’s not comprehensive. I will be making a better one in the near future.




  1. s.

    “All of these drills and training aids that keep your right (rear) arm glued to your side…are all nonsense.”

    I’m not putting up this link to plug this guy Kip, just to show you that your statement is entirely mainstream.

    • meateater

      Very good tip, thanks.

  2. Brett

    I remember “shutting the window” is exactly what you were working on when you came to Springfield last year. Good stuff.

    • Brett

      Make that “closing the window”. 🙂

  3. Calvin D

    window closing on “six iron from 136”.

  4. BernardP

    One of my regular golf partners has assiduously watched and Jimmy Ballard’s Golf Connection series on Golf Channel. As a consequence, he has become more erratic and has lost distance.


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