Round 1 of the British Open

Played myself, so I didn’t get to watch any of it and I forgot to set the DVR.

I don’t know Thomas Bjorn, but he seems like a nice guy and I would be happy for him to win and set to rest his collapse from a few years ago.

How can you not root for a 20 year old am?

I like to practice my short game and in my head, pronounce Miguel Angel Jiminex’s name phonetically. We’re golfers, we all have our issues.

Kyle Stanley looks to be an up and coming star.

I look for Bubba to make a charge in the next day or two.

Will Steve Stricker stay in contention and allow his swing and clutch putting to complete his resume with a major?




  1. Calvin D

    Bubba is the anti-Hogan. He looks like on any swing he could, trip over his ankles, fall over sideways, drive the green, injure himself, or put so much spin on the ball it comes back to him. He is like a labrador retriever with his head out the passenger window.

    Duval makes me sad.

  2. woody

    Bubba…I don’t think his style will work if the wind kicks up.

    Stricker…as jet-lag wears off, he might be a factor.

    Stanley…a good finish, and he’ll be more than a one-hit wonder.

  3. Calvin D

    Speaking of Watson, look at Tom.
    Man, he must love the British Open.
    Two fake hips and he’s right there with
    the flat-bellies.

  4. Andrew

    Tom, to us Scots, is the ultimate hero (well since dad and son Morris). I believe he always plays well in The Open cos of the love – he knows we care.

    Andrew in Addise he always plays well in The Open cos of the love – he knows we care.

    Andrew in Addis

    • James

      Did you see Tom Watson’s ace?! Wow! He is just so calm and smart about his game. I also saw him talking to the young British amatuer about ‘just staying out of the bunkers’. It’s nice to see one of the elders encouraging the young players that will eventually take their place.

      Sure hope Stricker can make a run!!

  5. rojoass

    Bubba is a bubba & a whiney. It’s always everybody else’s fault.

    I wish Fowler would prevail.


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