The arms need room

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It is that simple. Doesn’t matter if it’s a beginner, or Frank, the universal thing is the arms need room to rotate and connect to the body.

You need room in the setup and spend the whole swing creating more room…or at least keep the room you start with.

Think about every solid setup and swing concept. They all either directly or indirectly create room for the arms to rotate and be connected to the body/turn.

Too close to the ball…no room. Too far from the ball, can’t rotate and stay connected.

On and on.

This is why concepts like swinging to right field eventually get people in trouble. It leads to the arms getting away from you.

As far as Frank yesterday, things really got good on the back 9. We did nothing but work on a routine that would help him get into his setup.

As far as those who suggested that he be target oriented to get into his setup…that doesn’t work for him. He has to be looking where his body is aiming to get it right and focusing on target first doesn’t work for him. I could write a college dissertation on how Frank gets setup properly, but just thinking target does not work for him. Doesn’t work for me either.




  1. Calvin

    Excellent. It’s why pros need pros. I often “find” something late in rounds that works like a charm. Thing is, next time out the charm is gone. Not because it doesn’t work but because I didn’t properly identify it.

  2. Jason

    Fair enough Monte. I am a believer in target focus but you gotta do what works for you.

    Here are some videos that support things you have mentioned recently.


  3. mookie

    Leaving room for the arms have been the #1 thing that has helped me get rid of the blocks that would occasionally creep into my round. I remember once reading a tip somewhere that “you can never stand too close to the ball” or how you shouldn’t reach for the ball at address. Slowly, standing too close became ingrained in my setup. At times, I’d strike it well, but my long irons and driver always suffered.

    The next thing that I need to work on after this setup then, becomes the backswing. I’m one of those guys Monte talks about on YouTube where I’d take the club away too far inside then have no where else to go to approach the ball. Blocks most of the time or the occasional OTT once I’d start getting sick of hitting out of the trees on the right.

    I’m just trying to keep the “perfect plane video” in my mind, because as an over compensation to getting sucked inside on the backswing, I get paralyzed in making sure I don’t take it back too upright…..that leads to some crazy shots as well. EFFING frustrating!!!

    And yes, I’ve tried Shawn Clement’s “target-focus” too…



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