Frank teed off at daybreak.

He is really struggling with his setup. Where he is looking and where he lines up are two different things. No surprise he struggled last week.

Took 9 holes and him almost hitting me a few times, but it’s getting better on 9 and 10.

EDITED: He hit it inside 15 feet the last 5 holes and split the fairways.

We agreed I need to hammer him on a very few things that work for him and reverts himself out of.

More bend at the waist, lower hands, balance points in the heels…all of this leads to him automatically making a more vertical shoulder turn and creating the path with his turn versus his hands.

Whenever Frank creates the path with the hands, it leads to ugliness in both feel and results.




  1. banner12

    Here’s how to fix that. Forget manual/artificial adjustments with alignment, simply have him visualize the shot he has to make, the trajectory, the shape, the target and the alignment will take care of itself unconsciously. One cannot underestimate to amazing power of the unconscious mind to put oneself in position if a proper visualization is employed. In other words, less tight brain and more left brain.

    For an advanced player like Frank, this will actually free himself to execute the shot correctly. This is the first step to getting in the ‘zone’. Then all this becomes automatic.

    • theMIKE

      I think that is a pretty darn good tip and one many old teachers advise, he has his natural aiming and setup and his natural way of hitting shots, find that and you are in business, screw that and you are out of it, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It’s like a flower, water it, fertilize it, but don’t chop it off!

  2. woody

    Mike Bennett works with Tour pros. Hmmm, the guys above have some agreement from him: “Everybody’s doing it differently.” See 0:43 to 1:00. (Mike Bennett) 4:04

  3. Jason

    That would be target focus.


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