Right and wrong

I am on my way to Mississippi this week to help Frank get back on track and will be there till Friday.

He is still at the stage where he needs me hammering the same 3 important things to him or he lapses into bad habits when he gets away from playing golf swing and back to playing golf.

It’s good he plays golf and not golf swing, but since things are not automatic yet, the lapses are ugly.

He has played well immediately after working with me every time. The field in MS will be down because the top guys are in Britain. This would be a great opportunity for him to work his way up the money list.

I will be posting updates all week about what we work on and how it can help you.

On to today’s topic.

There is no right or wrong way to swing a golf club.

If something helps you consistently square the club to a good path…it’s right.

If something prevents, or at least makes it difficult to square the club to a good path…it’s wrong.

For example, pulling the handle on purpose to create lag will generally open the face to the path and can send the path way right or way left.


Rotating the left arm down in sync with the turn will generally keep it connected and connect the rotation of the club to the rotation of the body…


Those two things are nearly universal.

I only say nearly as there are always exceptions.

Other movements are not so universal and there are too many to list.

It basically boils down to what I originally said.

It’s all about matching the club face to a good path and whatever you can do to make that easier, is a good thing for you personally.

If something stops that from happening, it doesn’t matter if I have done 12 videos toiling the merits…it’s bad for you personally.

…although I suspect if I say it’s good and it doesn’t work for you, you are either misinterpreting me, implementing it wrong, or you are just an uncoordinated spaz and should take up chess. 😀

Channeling Hank Haney, David Leadbetter and Dave Pelz in that last paragraph gave me gas pains, made two clumps of my hair fall out and gave me the urge to kick my own ass like Jim Carrey did in “Liar, Liar.”




    • Monte Scheinblum

      He hates any miss left. When he shoots high, that is the issue.

      • Calvin

        Stricker can identify. 🙂

  1. Paul

    Don’t worry, Monte, Frank’s in good hands and you guys will figure it out. Could you caddy for him this week to help reinforce some stuff?

      • Bob Saunders

        If you were on the bag I could see a rerun of the Tin Cup scene:
        “Heck, I bet the caddy can knock it on from here” 🙂

  2. BernardP

    Monte, speaking of playing golf swing vs playing golf, and the possibility of reconciling both:

    Instead of thinking about moving body parts to make the club/clubhead/clubface do what is necessary…

    … why not think directly about moving the club/clubhead/clubface as dictated by the shot, while assuming that the various body parts will, in response, do what is necessary to achieve the desired path/clubface angle?

  3. meateater

    Monte, A simple question but one that I seldom see addressed. Assuming someone has retained decent lag, how do you release it? Is it conscious, as in snapping the wrists or pulling the left shoulder or just a matter of momentum? I’m sure you never think about it during a swing because it is something you do naturally but I am wondering how the big hitters manage to generate so much acceleration at the bottom.

    • HoldTheLag

      Man if I only knew this


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