It’s all about…(will be updating this post during the day)

…communication and understanding.

I have always said that teaching golf is about figuring out how to communicate the information the right way to the golfer.

In other words, saying the same thing different ways until it clicks in his/her head.

Working with Frank really illustrates that point.

A big part of the process has been the two of us developing a dialogue where we mean the same thing.

For example. When I say spine tilt, I mean tilt behind the ball at impact. To Frank, spine tilt mans bend at the waist.

More to come.

So far, I have seen 10-12 guys I hadn’t seen in 10-12 years. My first instinct was to say, “Man you got old…”. To every one of them.

Spending time out here also made me realize even more how trying to perfect movements is not only a losing battle, but insanely stupid.

Many of these guys wouldn’t stick out among the vice-secretary flight of the local men’s club event.

The people here in Jackson, MS are some of the nicest I have ever been around.

Still having trouble with setup. He is aiming too far right. When you play a cut and you aim right of your target, you are going to miss both ways.

He is mostly missing left and that drives him nuts.

It’s a struggle. He just plugged a ball in the sand and made double.

I talked to his wife and she said last week at the John Deere was much of the same. No terrible shots, but too many that were just enough off that it ended horribly. The double was 20 feet from the hole plugged in the face of the bunker.

He birdied 11. Fingers crossed it leads to salvaging the round. It’s not that bad, it’s just not sharp because where he is looking and where he is aiming are two different things. Even if I wasn’t working with him it would be obvious to me.

He stuffed it inside 10 feet on 12. Going to get arthritis if I have to keep my fingers crossed for 6 more holes.




  1. bobs34

    Like Frank, all the other instructors I ever had, spine tilt meant bend forward at the waste and axis tilt meant bend right at the waste or head behind the ball as viewed down the target line…

  2. Mj

    Never had a lesson, trying to learn how to bend over more and maintain spine tilt…which is how i think monte explains it…bend over is bend over, tilt is tilt…if the word “axis tilt” got brought up, i would glaze over due to mumbojumboistis…not that im right, im just not a lawyer

  3. bobs34

    I don’t think anyone is right or wrong, I was just kinda trying to add context to Monte’s point, to be an effective teacher and student, you have to be able to understand each other…. If axis tilt makes you glaze over, you could also use, lumbar lordorsis. 🙂


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