The angle of the shoulder turn

Tomorrow I will post the video I talked about I would make with alignment sticks in front of my chest and what angles the shoulders should turn, what mistakes happen and what results from those mistakes. I did one yesterday and left out one important part, so I wanted to redo it today.

It is a more descriptive and visual version of this one below.




    • Monte Scheinblum

      Put something that is straight across the top of his shoulders at the top of the swing.

      Then start the video again and watch how much more vertical his downswing shoulder turn is…and how big of a change of direction there is in the shoulder turn at and through impact.

  1. MSGolfer

    It is easily understood when you’re standing perfectly vertical, although adding in some axis tilt as you suggest changes the visualization a bit. Tilt I think is why I get vertical with my shoulders when I’m trying to swing 90*.

  2. Brian

    My criticism of the plane and release drill is that our spines have curvature and rotating around the spine on one part, will make other parts rotate on a slightly different axis. For some people, they may force themselves to rotate a section of their body around the spine, which in turn could force other parts in bad or unnatural positions.

  3. Jason

    I am sometimes confused with shoulder turn angles. I am a big believer in tilt at address. This is where the confusion comes in. If I take my posture with no tilit and trun 90*, from the back the shoulder trun angle look perfect. If I do the same with tilt, it flattens out. Can you please comment on this Monte?
    I must say I had one of my best sretches of 9 holes yesterday and all I was concerned about was already being in motion to start my swing by catching the next one (forward press from right leg) and proper tilt, nothing else.

    • Todd

      I was think about this exact thing earlier today. In fact I was going to post that question in this thread until I saw your comment. The only thing I can come up with is that when you rotate with no tilt at address it males it hard to have enough room for your arms on the forward swing. When you set up with tilt at address and rotate through the forward swing you make much more room for your arms to come through. I have no idea if thats correct but that’s the only thing I could come up with for an answer.

  4. Jason

    That’s all correct. Spot on…..but the shoulder turn angle when doing so. With tilt at setup, it feels forced when making the shoulder feel a bit more vertical. I get bullshit comments like reverse pivot, or stack and tilt……LOL.

  5. Monte Scheinblum

    To all of the comments. You all make perfectly valid points. I am giving you all a basic guide to start from. The body doesn’t work perfectly.

  6. Ron

    Good video Monte. I would like to see you also demonstrate the principle at full swing and speed. It would give the instructional video a completeness

  7. John

    Just found Monte’s videos in recent days. This one seemed to hit home as I have tendency to turn flat and get club behind me. I’ve always blamed my baseball background – lame excuse. Anyway, first go at the range today and hit it well – especially the irons.
    A couple of observations, I felt more of a weighted impact into the ball with the arms and the hips had more of a ‘pivot’ feel to them.
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge you have


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