Lots of new videos coming

First, I was surprised there weren’t more comments from the peanut gallery yesterday. I was hoping to get some more feedback.

I had planned on filming 6 or 7 videos yesterday on various subjects and putting the first up today, but it was overcast and the wind was blowing, so the audio and video would have been poor. Will try to do them today and put the first up tomorrow.

Had a fun round Monday. I am still working on getting to a better place mentally as far as confidence is concerned and Monday helped. I played a 6900 yard course with a slope of 140 and I hit 18 greens and 3 par 5’s in two. The only par 5 I didn’t hit in 2 was a 650 into a slight headwind and I hit driver driver within 20 or so yards of the front.

The only two fairways I missed were by 6 inches and one that landed in the fairway and kicked onto the cart path.

I was inside of 30 feet on all birdie and eagle putts, but maybe 4 or 5 holes.

Was playing for fun with my father in law, so I wasn’t really reading putts that carefully or I could have gone really low. Ended up with 66….with 33 putts…LOL.

The most important part is this is usually the kind of course that gives me fits because it is not visually pleasing, but I trusted my swing and just hit the ball. I even hit 3-wood well and that is not a common occurrence.

My swing is getting near a point where I can just do it and trust it. There is still some conscious effort going on, but I don’t think I am far from just hitting the ball and finding it.

My course management has gotten geometrically better as I get more comfortable with my swing.

Now all I have to do is work on “playing” golf, short game and inner confidence.

You will enjoy tomorrow’s video. It is going to be about the path the right shoulder should take on the downswing to create a 90* shoulder turn. It is not swing crack, it is nothing more than a guide to help you understand a free shoulder turn on the downswing.




  1. Brian

    I’m sure I can speak for all the regular followers and say that we’re very excited for the new videos. If you’re speaking in terms of feedback for video suggestions, I would love to see a more detailed one about the feeling you have with the arms and shoulders in the back swing and I think a video about hitting half wedges (80-50 yards) would also help a lot of people. A blog post about course management for better players would also be a cool idea.

    In terms of the power release, it seems like it will explain left forearm rotation and how proper arm rotation with the body will eliminate timing with the hands completely. Am I on the right track?


  2. Calvin

    Yesterday’s post was difficult for me to comment on because it mostly concerned things which have yet to be presented.

    You will get lots of input after the videos start. The Nationwide qualifying will be a lot of fun too. It’s a great thing to have this kind of access to a swing theorist who is able to compete at the highest levels, and thank you for that. Top players sometimes have books ghost-written but that is very different from the access that you have provided. In some ways we are along for the ride and part of the process. Just my opinion but if you succeed in competition your instruction potential will explode and then you will have some decisions to make.

    • bobs34

      What Calvin said…

  3. Bob Saunders

    Your instruction fanbase will also grow if you get someone to the tour and they do well.

    • cdnmike

      … and in other news… more chicks will think I’m hot, the more money I make.

      • Brian

        I just spit my drink all over my computer

  4. jak_bot

    My only comment is to continue some type of “blog-like” entries with your new website. You have an ability to convey information in writing that allows the reader to understand what you are saying, but at the same time allow the reader to make the stuff their own.

    A lot of the old golf instruction books read like novels, and had very few pictures. Now, instruction is filled with video, pictures, radar numbers, and gadgets.

  5. banner12


    What course was it? Strawberry Farms? Black Gold? Oak Creek?

  6. Brian

    On an unrelated note, I’m curious what your stock yardages are and what your go-to ball flight is; a WITB would also cool to see.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Most of you will realize this is not close to how far I can hit these clubs. These are very controlled yardages.

      High Draw is my normal shot.


      • Brian


  7. Andrew from Addis

    When I use “Plane and release by feel” to try to coordinate a swing that has gone awry on the course, I always find that the “release” part is the thinkg that gets my rhythm and plane back on track. A concious effort to make sure the club head is going from pointing up on the backswing to pointing down in the follow through makes me rotate my whole left arm. I do not think I am releasing just turning the body and arm in sync.

    Is this the sort of thing we are going to learn? If so Monte you have already done a great job. I concentrated on this today and shot 75 (with a triple through mental inanity on one hole). That is excellent for me. Waiting in anticip..p..p..p..pation


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