Doral, Trackman and Steve Pratt

(Sorry I haven’t posted any videos yet. Things got really busy. I should have time Monday and will put one up Tuesday)

I don’t have much to say about the WGC event other than I was sad to see Bubba not win.

I have nothing against Justin Rose personally, I just root for “golfers” over cookie cutter robot swingers.

Plus Bubba is a little nuts, speaks his mind and hits the snot out of it. We might be brothers from another mother.

I want to give a shout out to Steve Pratt. I had a great session with him and his Trackman radar device on Sunday.

He is a Mike Austin disciple and he and I see eye to eye on so many areas of the swing and game, it was fun to collaborate with a like minded individual.

Using the Trackman was gratifying in so many ways as it reaffirmed my entire view of the golf swing and also corraberated all of the issues I felt I had with my swing.

Steve is excellent in his understanding how to use it and uses the information to help you better “your” swing, not force you to just make the numbers better. It was great to have a fresh pair of eyes.

I have added him to a small list of people I trust with my swing. My friend Bob Sockolich who works at GolfTec in Pasadena, Steve and myself.

This is an important post because I don’t want anyone to think I am such an arrogant tool, that I am the only person who knows anything about the swing. Bob and Steve get my highest recommendation if any of you are interested.

I would put the three of us against Foley, Leadbetter and Haney any day of the week.

Here is the analogy. Those three big names are to golf instruction what Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are to music.

The three of us are like the guy you see at an Off Broadway show who brings the house down and everyone wonders why he doesn’t have a record deal.

How’s that for bold, arrogant and obnoxious?

Here is Steve’s website. LINK




  1. Brian

    I like the analogy, but when are the new videos coming? I’ve been checking back every 10 minutes for the last few days to see if you’ve posted them! You have successfully built up a good degree of suspense.

  2. Jason

    Hey Monte, looking farward to the Videos. I hope the delays in making them mean you can answer some more of the questions that have been coming. Especially about the shoulder turn angle when made with proper tilt. My understanding is with tilt for a right handed golfer, the right shoulder is automatically lower, so it the shoulder turn would be flatter in the backswing. How do we avoid this? There is 1 more guy that has a true understanding of the swing and the human body in relation the gravity and centrifugal force. I have mentioned this guy a few times before. Please Monte, check out Shawn Clement. Between the 2 of you, you guys are the best in your understanding of the swing.

    • Robert Johansson

      Skip the technical data, do you swing and kill the ball or not?
      Whenever I hear, how do I avoid X either it be an angle, slice, hook or some other funny thing as a shank, its due to a timing flaw due to the body get out of sequence.
      If that happens, tempo then is key to sequence it up and then maybe tweak a thing or two. Video, feedback, practice, repeat until one gets it right. No short cuts out there.

      If one ask me, stave Pratt at Hitlonger and DJ Watts at well DJwatts are two solid sources in the Austin mechanics.

  3. Calvin

    How could you not like watching Bubba play? The tee shot where he hit it out over the California coast and spun it back to .New England was great entertainment but his swing makes my teeth hurt.

  4. Jason

    Bubba is great fun to watch. I love how he works the ball every single time. Good fun.

  5. hackgolfer I think he stole your moniker!

  6. FredL

    Nice to see he has you in one of his articles.


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