I am tired of the whole “flip” debate

I talked about this in a previous article and felt more information was necessary. I understand it’s a huge issue, but there are two completely different kinds of errors that are both called flips and the pop culture solution for both is to hold on to something.

Flip #1-For a right handed golfer, the angle between the left arm and shaft is thrown away well before impact, the right wrist bows, etc. This is also known as a cast. The cure for this is to hold the lag, float loading, go wide to narrow, even try to actively add lag by reducing the angle with the wrists on the way down.

All I have to say is canine feces.

Flip #2-Just before impact, the body stalls and the hands flip the club shut. The cure for this is to hold off the release. I have even heard lead with the heel.

Buffalo chips.

I said this on GolfWrx and called the first one an “early flip” and the second one a “late flip.”

You don’t fix these issues by holding anything.

The early flip happens for several reasons. Among the common ones are a backswing that is too long, getting the upper body in front of the ball and having no rotation and scooping. Quite often it is two or all three of these.

No drill or holding the angle is going to help any of this.

Why? Because if your swing is too long, you aren’t going to generate enough rotational speed and no one is strong enough to hold the angle for that long with no rotational speed.

If your upper body is getting in front, the angle of attack is too steep and you have to early flip or you will dig a grave you could bury Rosanne Barr. Throwing the angle away is the body’s way of shallowing the angle of attack when your upper body moving in front of the ball steepens it.

If you have no rotation and are scooping, holding the angle or any lag creating drill/action is just pulling the handle and you will shank it.

Shorten your backswing, keep your upper body behind the ball (use the lower body to shift to the left side instead) and rotate…Viola…no more early flip.

As far as the late flip, that is the body’s way of getting the club back to the ball when the path and/or face angle is open to the path or the path is too far right, or if the angle of attack is too steep because the downswing is too narrow (from trying to add lag with the hands).

Holding off the release just makes this worse. Most of the root causes of a late flip is pulling the handle from the top of the swing and/or coming too far from the inside to “swing inside out” to hit that magic push draw…holding off the release is just pulling the handle harder.

Let the body shift and unwind from the top. Allow the left arm and club to rotate from the top…and everything continues to rotate. Viola…no more late flip.

I have seen these two scenes play out hundreds of times.

Guy #1 was an early flipper. He had a decent swing, but he was getting his upper body in front of the ball. His friend said, “You are flipping the club before impact and that is why you are losing all your power (he hit the ball dead straight with every club). Power comes from having as much lag as possible and you need to use your hands to pull the grip at the ball to maintain that lag angle.”

Chunks and shanks galore.

Guy #2 was a late flipper. He was bombing it. Not that far behind where I was hitting it. Problem was he was hitting some hooks. I would actually call them slight pull draws more than hooks. He had a great swing. His hip turn was a little out of sequence and it made his path come too far from the inside with an open club. “You have a massive flip at impact, you need to hold off that release longer and swing more out to the right.”

The over draw turned into one of the worst diving snipes I have ever seen. Balls that were going nearly 300 yards, were now diving out of the air at 230 and going left of left. “You aren’t doing it enough.”

I have two bald spots where I pulled out chunks of hair from experiencing these two incidents.

…and you guys wonder why I rant so often.




  1. Bob Saunders

    Keep listening to the range remedies and you will have to start wearing a hat, Monte.

  2. Robert Johansson

    Monte, I usually go inside, get a great cup of coffee, and sits down and enjoy life a ton more.
    However i enjoy the post. 😉

  3. rojoass

    Solid Gold Monte. One of the best post ever. One could take this post & apply a halfway decent set-up build a good swing.

    Then go learn to play. A good way to learn to play is to pick 4 clubs & a putter & leave everything else at home.

    btw……..we have initiated a “bag search” at my club on the 1st tee. Searching for Swingcrack to alleviate slower players.

    I’m still lookin for those T-shirts.


  4. Husker

    Your explanation of cause and effect in this post makes it one of your best ever for me. Getting my upper body in front of the ball is one of the problems that creeps into my swing all too frequently.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  5. The Original Brian

    I’m beginning to wonder if there’s an instructor in your area dealing this swingcrack.

  6. MikeR

    hey Monte,

    great post, the bit about getting in front of the ball causing an early flip was really useful to me, I thought i was not giving myself time to release when I do this. Had it round the wrong way.

  7. Kevin Kruse

    Monte what is the feeling that you have at the top of the swing when you start the rotation of the club face early? Everytime I consciously try to do this I feel like I’m pulling the handle down as opposed to letting everything unwind naturally and I hit the biggest pull hooks you have ever seen. Do you try to lightly supinate your L forearm at the top and then let it all go? Also is you are looking at videos of yourself do you try to get the club face to match your spine angle when its halfway down/parallel to the ground?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am working on improving that in my swing. The best thing I have come up with is you want to feel the left arm rotate down you chest.

    • MikeR

      Check out Monte’s medecine ball video, that helped me work out getting the clubface “on the other side”.

  8. Lukey

    Good piece Monte. Answers my questions on the flip from the other day. Thanks man…


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