The “Alternative” feel

For all of the criticism I dole out regarding the information out there, there are some great feel tips to be found.

Keeping the flex in the right knee to avoid over rotation of the hips (among other things).

Getting the left shoulder low, or under the chin, to promote better shoulder rotation.

As I have reiterated time and time again, the same info doesn’t work for everyone, which is why I repeat things in different ways trying to reach the warped minds of as many golfers as possible. Yes, we are golfers, our minds are warped and I am the King of Psychogolfistan.

Sometimes, the opposite feel creates the same “fix,” and may make more sense…and may even work better.

For some people, not allowing the left knee to flex so much works better than keeping the flex in the right knee.

…and getting the right shoulder high is easier to digest for some than the left shoulder low.

In addition, the opposite feel can actually be better than a body confining cliche. Way too many people restrict their swing too much and get out of position trying to keep the right arm stuck to their side in the back swing…trying to stay connected, keeping the swing from getting long and the right elbow from flying.

I don’t care for this feel at all as I think it causes more problems than it solves. So…maybe getting the left arm away from you during the back swing gets the desired results without causing the restriction that the “cliche feel” causes.

Find the feel that works for you…and search for one that reduces tension and allows you to swing freely, versus the one that may restrict movement…and sometimes that feel maybe be the other side of the coin.




  1. S.

    There’s something else with feel…the more co-ordinated a person is, the more their feel has to do with the end of a movement (result) rather than cause.

    For example, I know two Internet gurus who get a feeling of hitting the ball with their right shoulder, or right shoulder before the hands. Yet, if you go for the ball with the right shoulder, you’re over-the-top. It’s the result, not the cause.

    Same with left shoulder on the backswing. If you push the left shoulder low, then good luck in your golfing career. But, it does end up lower, or under your chin (result).

    That’s why co-ordinated people aren’t always great teachers.

  2. WUZ


    Very nice post S. What you wrote is surely food for thought. I find that if I try to incorporate some kind
    of mechanism in my swing, what happens is: My swing is over by the time my body gets the message from my brain.

  3. Monte Scheinblum

    To s. and Wiz…which is why my philosophy is to repeat the same info explained in different ways.

  4. Nick Hanson

    Hey Monte,

    Do you ever practice with your eyes closed. That’s pretty much the only time I think my feel becomes real. Whenever I’m having trouble with tempo/rhythm if I close my eyes I can truly feel where the club is at all times because of the lack of my dominant sense.

    Recently I’ve been chunking my short game shots with a jerky motion. I closed my eyes and played about ten perfect shots. I opened them up again and it seemed to have improved. I think when I take practice swings on the course I’m going to start closing my eyes to help with visualization.

  5. BP

    Very insightful posts in this thread. Much appreciated. Keep them coming!

  6. Wally

    The top of your backswing should mirror you follow through. It is that simple. The swing happens if we do not do anything to interfere with the natural flow of the swing.


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