Swing changes are not unlike a diet

Your body needs time to acclimate itself to the new system.

Right now the thing I used to do to save it from going way right, has it going left. Sometimes even when I make a good swing and have a good path…as the club is not open and under the plane anymore. My swing is great, but I must be patient and wait for it to acclimate itself to the changes.

The worst thing I can do is add a band aid to keep it from going left. That is the second biggest mistake ams make. Thinking they are supposed to hit every shot perfectly and they try and adjust to every shot that isn’t perfect.

The biggest mistake is abandoning the change the first time they hit a bad shot.

In order to get better at golf, you need to understand two things.

1. Even the best players in the World, with near perfect mechanics, mishit multiple shots per round, so expecting one swing tip and two buckets of balls are going to have you perform the equivalent of bowling a 300 game, is a recipe for always stinking at golf…and run on sentences.

2. It takes time for your body to adjust to a new move (or even a new setup) and you must be patient. The object of getting better at golf is to make solid changes so you will be better six months from now. Not quick fix tips that make you shoot three shots under your handicap today…and make your handicap go up three shots six months from now.

If you want to add 30 yards to your drives and take 5 shots off your handicap in 15 minutes, The Golf Channel after hours will have continuous infomercials to help you out. The Air Hammer is your best bet…it will do both and you can also get yourself disqualified from any tournament in the process. 😀

If you want to find ways to make the game easier, less stressful on the body, more fun and probably shave a shot or two off your handicap…keep reading the blog and watching my videos. It will happen at some point. That is a guarantee…and I will probably make you laugh along the way as well.




  1. Christian

    I like the diet metaphor. That thought has occurred to me before after seeing all the infomercials – lots of quick fix ways to make you better at golf instantly (lose weight fast and easy…). Seems like the real answer is to be patient and practice the right things (eat right and excercise).

  2. Colby

    Speaking of the Hammer, I was at my daughters pre-K graduation yesterday and one of the kids graduating was named Jack Hamm. I had a nice chuckle till I got an elbow in the ribs from the wife.

    The kid was voted most likely to hit a golf ball 600 yards 😉

  3. Calvin D

    One of your very best posts. We watch on TV as the pros pay par three’s and consistently miss left trap, right trap, long, short right, long left. They also have learned to handle misses mentally and know they will get it up and down. Sure, just as many times they hit the green and one or two putt but with little difference in mental stability.

    I have a close relative who when he misses a par three green, wails and moans embarrassingly and threatens to quit the game forever. Then he hits his next shot while palpitating in a dark black mood and skulls it or chili dips it.

    If you don’t already know that life is not fair then golf will teach it to you. 🙂 You will not hit every shot perfectly and when you hit a bad one you don’t need to change your swing. And wailing and moaning will not improve your image among your peers or boost your self-image.

  4. Doug B

    If you want to feel better about your own game, watch the PGA tournaments on Thursday and Friday. On the weekends you only see the leaders and those are the guys who are really on their game that week. There are a lot more missed shots on Thursday and Friday. Even on Sunday last week, Stuart Appleby really imploded – hard to believe it was the same guy who shot a 59 last year. Just goes to show how hard and humbling this game really is.

  5. Wally

    This is for all the 20 plus handicappers out there in monteland. Get rid of your drivers play with and this is a big one, 3 wood five iron seven iron nine iron and putter use only short tees. learn to get your hands high on the backswing, because GRAVITY does half the work on the downswing. Play minature golf with your little ones, bring your own putter so you get used to the feel

    • Husker

      I don’t know, but I would kill to have that swing. BTW, lots of his stuff is featured on Steve Elkington’s site at http://secretinthedirt.com/

  6. s.

    The question wasn’t addressed to anyone in particular, so my opinion is that the predominant feature is BALANCE.

    • Calvin D

      That is exactly what I see too.
      Stability throughout.

  7. Wally

    who ever heard of Keegan Bradley< I guess everybody now. Congrats kid


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